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Amphetamine-Related Disorder

Name: Amphetamine-Related Disorder
Description: Disorders related or resulting from use of amphetamines (MeSH).
Synonym(s): Amphetamine Abuse, Amphetamine Usage
Super-category: Substance-Related Disorder
Id: birnlex_12709
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  • Definition Source: MeSH


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Facts about Amphetamine-Related DisorderRDF feed
Created8 October 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionDisorders related or resulting from use of amphetamines (MeSH).
DefinitionSourceMeSH  +
Idbirnlex_12709  +
LabelAmphetamine-Related Disorder  +
ModifiedDate30 May 2009  +
SuperCategorySubstance-Related Disorder  +
SynonymAmphetamine Abuse  +, and Amphetamine Usage  +