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Resource:BOMP: beta-barrel Outer Membrane protein Predictor

Name: Resource:BOMP: beta-barrel Outer Membrane protein Predictor
Description: [[Definition::BOMP is a tool for prediction of beta-barrel integral outer membrane proteins. The user may submit a list of proteins, and receive a list of predicted BOMPs.

The program, called the beta-barrel Outer Membrane protein Predictor (BOMP), is based on two separate components to recognize integral beta-barrel proteins. The first component is a C-terminal pattern typical of many integral beta-barrel proteins. The second component calculates an integral beta-barrel score of the sequence based on the extent to which the sequence contains stretches of amino acids typical of transmembrane -strands. To use the BOMP tool simply paste your fasta-formatted sequences into the text area, or choose a file which contains sequences. Then hit the submit button. It is possible to perform a BLAST search parallel with the predictions, which may be suitable in some cases. Using the BLAST search will however increase the running time substantially. Sponsors: This work was supported in part by grants from the Norwegian Research Council [SUP 140785/420 (GABI); FUGE/CBU151899/ISO], and the Meltzer Foundation, University of Bergen.

Keywords: Beta-barrel, Membrane, Protein, Program, Software, Beta strand, Bacteria,]]
Synonym(s): BOMP Program
Is part of: University of Bergen; Bergen; Norway
Has role: software application (birnlex_11012)
Super-category: Resource
*Id: nif-0000-30236
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Idnif-0000-30236  +
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