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Spinal cord ventral horn interneuron II

Definition Pub Med Id:
Synonym Pub Med Id::
Related to:
Related to Pub Med Id:
Has role:
Has role Pub Med Id:
Abbreviation Pub Med Id:
Super category Pub Med Id:
Defining citation:
Publication Link:
Organism Pub Med ID:

Soma Specific Properties

Cell soma shape:
Other soma shape:
Cell soma shape Pub Med ID:
Cell soma size:
Cell soma size Pub Med ID:
Soma location:
Located in Pub Med Id:

Dendrite Specific Properties

Dendrite location:
Dendrite location Pub Med Id:
Spine density on dendrites:
Spine density on dendrites Pub Med Id:
Branching type:
Branching type Pub Med Id:

Axon Specific Properties

Axon Myelination:
Axon myelination Pub Med Id:
Axon projection laterality:
Axon projection laterality Pub Med Id:
Origin of axon:
Origin of axon Pub Med Id:
Location of distant axon arborization:
Location of Axon Arborization Pub Med Id:
Location of local axon arborization:
Location of Local Axon Arborization Pub Med Id:

Intrinsic Properties

Neurotransmitter released:
Neurotransmitter Pub Med Id:
Neurotransmitter receptors:
Neurotransmitter Receptors Pub Med Id:
Molecular constituents:
Molecular constituents Pub Med Id:

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