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Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex nonpyramidal PV basket cell +myelinated  +
Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex nonpyramidal PV chandelier cell +myelinated  +
Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex nonpyramidal SOM neuron +unmyelinated  +
Amygdala basolateral nuclear complex pyramidal neuron +myelinated  +
Amygdala intercalated nuclei small spiny neuron +myelinated  +
Amygdala lateral central nucleus medium spiny neuron +myelinated  +
Antennal lobe (Honey bee) interneuron +unmyelinated  +
Antennal lobe (Honey bee) principal neuron +unmyelinated  +
Antennal lobe (Manduca) principal neuron +unmyelinated  +


Cerebellum Purkinje cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (dorsal) cartwheel cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (dorsal) giant cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (dorsal) unipolar brush cell +unmyelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (dorsal) vertical cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (ventral) globular bushy cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (ventral) multipolar D cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (ventral) multipolar T cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (ventral) octopus cell +myelinated  +
Cochlear nucleus (ventral) spherical bushy cell +myelinated  +
Colliculus Inferior GABAergic Principal Cell +myelinated  +
Colliculus inferior principal cell +myelinated  +


Dorsal root ganglion A alpha-beta non-nociceptive neuron +myelinated  +


Hippocampus CA1 pyramidal cell +myelinated  +
Hippocampus CA3 pyramidal cell +myelinated  +


Mauthner cell +myelinated  +
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