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Cat +cats  +, domestic cat  +
Cavia +guinea-pigs  +
Cercocebus +mangabey  +
Cercocebus torquatus +red-capped mangabey  +, white-collared mangabey  +
Cercopithecidae +monkeys  +, Old World monkeys (Genbank common name)  +, monkey  +
Cercopithecus campbelli +Campbells monkey  +
Cercopithecus cephus +moustached monkey  +
Cercopithecus diana +Diana monkey  +
Cercopithecus hamlyni +owl-faced monkey  +
Cercopithecus neglectus +DeBrazzas guenon monkey  +
Cercopithecus pogonias +Crowned guenon  +
Cercopithecus sclateri +Sclaters guenon  +
Cestoda +tapeworm  +
Cetacea +whales, dolphins, and porpoises  +, whale  +
Chelicerata +chelicerates  +
Chicken +bantam  +, chickens  +, chicken  +
Chordata +chordates  +
Common spiny lobster +Common spiny lobster  +
Cricetulus griseus +Chinese hamsters  +, striped dwarf hamster  +


DBA/1LacJ +D1Lac  +
DBA/2BiJ +D2 Bittner  +
Decapodiformes +Squid  +
Delphinapterus leucas +white whale  +, beluga  +
Digenea +fluke  +


Eptesicus bottae +Botta's Serotine  +
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