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Manduca sexta +hornblower  +, tomato hornworm  +, Carolina sphinx  +,
Megaptera novaeangliae +humpback whale  +
Metazoa +metazoans  +, multicellular animals  +
Mollusc +molluscs  +
Mouse-eared Bat +Mouse-eared Bat  +
Mus spretus +Algerian mouse  +


Northern clearwater crayfish +Northern clearwater crayfish  +


Okinawa least horseshoe bat +Okinawa least horseshoe bat  +
Orangutan +orang-utan  +


Papio hamadryas +western baboon  +, red baboon  +, baboon  +
Phasianidae +turkeys  +
Phyllostomidae +American leaf-nosed and vampire bats  +
Pipidae +pipid frogs  +
Platyhelminthes +flatworm  +
Platyrrhini +monkeys  +, monkey  +
Primate +Primate  +


Rabbit +rabbit  +, European rabbit  +, domestic rabbit  +,
Rana pipiens +Northern leopard frog  +
Ranidae +true frogs  +
Rat +brown rat  +, rats  +, rat  +
Rattus +rats  +, rat  +
Rattus rattus +house rat  +, roof rat  +
Rhesus monkey +rhesus monkeys  +, rhesus macaques  +, rhesus macaque  +
Rhinolophus +horseshoe bats  +
Rock crab +rock crab  +
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