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Hippocampus CA3 oriens lacunosum moleculare neuron +dense axonal arbors are restricted to stratum lacunosum-moelculare  +


Inferior frontal gyrus +topography  +
Inferior ramus of arcuate sulcus +topography  +
Inferior vestibular nucleus +myelo-architecture  +
Insula +topography  +
Intebrain +topography  +
Isthmus of cingulate gyrus +topography  +
Isthmus of cingulate of KA2000 +topography  +


Lamina I of gray matter of spinal cord +cyto-architecture  +
Lateral agranular field +cyto-architecture  +
Lateral paragigantocellular nucleus +cyto-architecture  +
Lateral vestibular nucleus +cyto-architecture  +
Limen of insula +topography  +


Matrix compartment of caudate nucleus +topography, chemoarchitecture  +
Matrix compartment of neostriatum +chemoarchitecture  +
Matrix part of body of caudate nucleus +topography, chemoarchitecture  +
Matrix part of head of caudate nucleus +topography, chemoarchitecture  +
Matrix part of tail of caudate nucleus +topography, chemoarchitecture  +
Medial agranular insular area +cyto-architecture  +
Medial geniculate body lateral nucleus +cyto-architecture, myelo-architecture  +
Medial geniculate body ovoid nucleus +cyto-architecture  +
Medial nucleus of medial geniculate body +cyto-architecture, myelo-architecture  +
Medial precentral sulcus +topography  +
Medial superior olivary nucleus +cyto-architecture  +
Medulla oblongata +topography  +
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