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Resource:Autism Genetic Database +Category:P20 RR0146475   +, Category:01.4506   +
Resource:Autism Genetic Resource Exchange +Category:1U24MH081810   +
Resource:AutismKB +Category:31025014   +, Category:2011CBA01102   +
Resource:Automated Microarray Pipeline +Category:R01-LM008795   +
Resource:Autopack +Category:NSF 07576   +, Category:P41 RR08605   +
Resource:Avian Brain Circuitry Database +Category:OTKA-033069   +
Resource:BAMS Neuroanatomical Ontology +Category:MH61223   +, Category:NS16668   +, Category:NS050792   +
Resource:BCube A Broker Framework for Next Generation Geoscience +Category:NSF Earthcube Building Block   +
Resource:BFAST +Category:U24NS052108   +, Category:R01 MH071852   +
Resource:BLIMP: Biomedical LIterature Mining Publications +Category:298292-04   +
Resource:BMAP cDNA Resources +Category:contract N01 MH80014   +
Resource:BRAID +Category:R01 AG13743   +
Resource:BRAINSDemonWarp +Category:NS050568   +, Category:NS40068   +, Category:MH31593   +,
Resource:BRENDA +Category:226073   +, Category:021902 (RII3)   +
Resource:BUSM Mass Spectrometry Resource +Category:P41   +
Resource:Babelomics +Category:BIO2008-04212   +, Category:CEN-2008-1002   +, Category:RD06/0020/1019   +
Resource:BacMap: Bacterial Genome Atlas +Category:Alberta Science Research Authority   +, Category:Western Economic Diversification Canada   +, Category:Genome Canada   +,
Resource:BeeBase +Category:2008-35302-18804   +
Resource:BeetleBase +Category:P20 RR16475   +
Resource:Behavior Enhances Drug Reduction of Incontinence +Category:U01 DK 58225   +, Category:U01 DK58234   +, Category:U01 DK58229   +,
Resource:Beijing: Eyes Open Eyes Closed Study +Category:30770594   +, Category:2008AA02Z405 863   +
Resource:Beijing: Short TR Study +Category:30770594   +, Category:2008AA02Z405   +
Resource:Bern-Barcelona EEG database +Category:FIS-2010-18204   +, Category:SNF 320030-122010   +, Category:33CM30-124089   +
Resource:Beta Cell Biology Consortium +Category:DK-01-014   +, Category:DK-01-17   +, Category:DK-01-18   +,
Resource:BiGG Database +Category:GM00806-06   +
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