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Domain: Resource

Type: Page

The keywords property is used to assign additional terms to resource descriptions that will be useful for search. These terms need not be recognized entities within the neurolex. It should not be used for any entity type but resource type. For other entities, use the RelatedTo property for loose associations that are not covered by stronger relationship types.


Memartone, Thanhluan001

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Pages using the property "Keywords"

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Resource:(at)Note +Java  +, Java SWT  +
Resource:100,000 Genomes Project +Cancer  +, Autonomic Rare Disease  +
Resource:1000 Functional Connectomes Project +Resting state functional MRI  +, Functional MRI assay  +, Brain  +,
Resource:1000 Genomes Project and AWS +Genomic data  +, Genome  +, Cloud computing  +,
Resource:1000 Genomes: A Deep Catalog of Human Genetic Variation +Genetic variation  +, Gene  +, Next-generation sequencing  +,
Resource:2DMAP +Gene  +, Genetic  +, Genomic  +,
Resource:2LD +Gene  +, Genetic  +, Genomic  +,
Resource:2SNP +Gene  +, Genetic  +, Genomic  +
Resource:3D Brain +Neuroanatomy  +, Brain  +, Gross neuroanatomy  +
Resource:3D DTI Atlas of the Rat Brain In Postnatal Day 5 14 and Adulthood +Magnetic resonance  +, Adult rat  +, Newborn rat  +,
Resource:3D Facial Norms Database +Face  +, Phenotype  +, Genotype  +,
Resource:3D Interactive Chemical Shift Imaging +C++  +, DICOM  +, Microsoft  +,
Resource:3D MRI Atlas of Mouse Development +Embryo  +, Embryogenesis  +, Development  +,
Resource:3D Macromolecular Analysis and Kinemage Home Page +X-ray crystallography  +
Resource:3D Ribosomal Modification Maps Database +Human  +, Plant  +, Arabidopsis  +,
Resource:3D Slicer +BIRN  +, Diffusion  +, Functional  +,
Resource:3D surgical atlases of the murine head +129s1/svimj  +, Anatomy  +, Brain  +,
Resource:3D-Genomics Database +Structure database  +, Protein structure  +
Resource:3D-Interologs +Interolog  +, Protein-protein interaction  +, BLAST  +,
Resource:3DBar +3D  +, Reconstruction  +, Brain structure  +,
Resource:3DMeshMetric +Computed tomography  +
Resource:3DSlicerLupusLesionModule +Clinical neuroinformatics  +, Magnetic resonance  +
Resource:3DSwap +Protein structure  +, Protein  +, Structure  +,
Resource:3DVC +Cell  +, Model  +, Biological structure  +,
Resource:3DViewnix +3D imaging  +, Registration  +, Segmentation  +,
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