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Resource:Angioma Alliance DNA/Tissue Bank and Patient Registry +Angioma  +, Cerebral cavernous malformation  +, Cavernous angioma  +,
Resource:Anopheles gambiae (African malaria mosquito) genome view +Malaria  +
Resource:Anorectic Behavior Observation Scale +Anorexia nervosa  +, Eating disorder  +, Bulimia  +,
Resource:Anthera Pharmaceuticals +Autoimmune disease  +, Inflammation  +, Systemic lupus erythematosus  +,
Resource:Anthony Nolan +Blood cancer  +
Resource:Arbor Research Collaborative for Health +Kidney disease  +, Organ failure  +, Chronic disease  +
Resource:Arizona Biospecimen Locator +Diseased  +, Normal  +
Resource:Arizona Cancer Center Tumor Bank +Cancer  +, Tumor  +
Resource:Arredondo ANT fNIRS dataset1 +Normal  +
Resource:Artificial Intelligence Rheumatology Consultant System Ontology +Rheumatologic disease  +
Resource:Asian Cancer Research Group +Cancer  +, Liver cancer  +, Gastric cancer  +,
Resource:Asthma UK +Asthma  +
Resource:AtheroRemo +Cardiovascular disease  +, Atherosclerosis  +, Cardiac death  +,
Resource:Atlas of Medical Parasitology +Human parasitic infection  +
Resource:Atlasing of the basal ganglia +Aging  +
Resource:Australian Phenomics Network +Human disease  +, Animal disease  +
Resource:AutDB +Pervasive Development Disorder  +, Autistic Disorder  +
Resource:Autism Genetic Resource Exchange +Autistic Disorder  +, Pervasive Development Disorder  +, Pervasive Development Disorder  +
Resource:Autism Research Resource +Autistic Disorder  +, Pervasive Development Disorder  +, Family  +
Resource:Autism Speaks +Autistic Disorder  +, Pervasive Development Disorder  +
Resource:Autism Spectrum Disorder Phenotype Ontology +Pervasive Development Disorder  +
Resource:Autism Tissue Program +Autistic Disorder  +, Pervasive Development Disorder  +, Pervasive Development Disorder  +,
Resource:Autism-Spectrum Quotient +Autistic Disorder  +
Resource:AutismKB +Pervasive Development Disorder  +, Autistic Disorder  +
Resource:Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome Database +Autoimmune Lymphoproliferative Syndrome  +
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