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Category:5-HT1B receptor
Created 19 September 2007  +
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Definition A serotonin receptor subtype found at high A serotonin receptor subtype found at high levels in the BASAL GANGLIA and the frontal cortex. It plays a role as a terminal autoreceptor that regulates the rate of SEROTONIN release from nerve endings. This serotonin receptor subtype is closely related to and has similar drug binding properties as the 5-HT1D RECEPTOR. It is particularly sensitive to the agonist SUMATRIPAN and may be involved in mediating the drug's antimigraine effect. mediating the drug's antimigraine effect.
Has role 5-HT Receptor +
Id nifext_6386  +
Label 5-HT1B receptor  +
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ModifiedDate 13 July 2010  +
SuperCategory Serotonin G-protein coupled receptor  +
Synonym 5-HT1B;5- HT1B; 5-HT-1B; 5-HT-1D-beta; S12; Serotonin 1D beta receptor; Serotonin receptor 1B; 5-hydroxytryptamine 1B receptor 1B Receptor  +, 5-Hydroxytryptamine; 1B Receptor  +, Serotonin; 1B Receptors  +, 5-Hydroxytryptamine; 1Dbeta Receptor  +, Serotonin; 5 HT 1B recept; 5 HT1B Receptor; 5 HT1DBETA recept; 5 HT1Dbeta Receptor; 5 Hydroxytryptamine 1B Receptor; 5-HT(1B) Receptor; 5-HT(1Dbeta) Receptor; Receptor serotonin 5 HT 01 B; Receptor  +, 5 Hydroxytryptamine 1B; Receptor  +, 5-HT1B; Receptor  +, 5-HT1Dbeta; Receptor  +, 5-Hydroxytryptamine 1B; Receptor  +, Serotonin 1B; Receptor  +, Serotonin 1Dbeta; Receptor  +, Serotonin Type 1Dbeta; Receptors  +, 5-Hydroxytryptamine 1B; Receptors  +, Serotonin 1Dbeta; Serotonin 01 B receptor; Serotonin 1B recept; Serotonin 1B Receptor; Serotonin 1D BETA recept; Serotonin 1D Beta Receptor Serotonin 1DBETA recept; Serotonin 1Dbeta receptor;  +
Categories Serotonin G-protein coupled receptor
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