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Definition ExternallySourcedDefinition Synonym
Abductive reasoning activity
Appetitive activity eating
Coasting Passive sliding without body/fin movements (i.e., after the fish stopped swimming actively) similar to drifting (also see creeping, which involves slow swimming with only pectoral fin use).
Creeping Very slow swimming during which only the pectoral fins propel the fish forward; also see coasting/drifting (passive sliding without fin use). Coasting
Deductive reasoning activity
Discrimination activity * Ability to distinguish between examples vs nonexamples of a concept, based on the presence or absence of its defining attributes. (PSY) * Conceptually broad term referring to the general process of differentiation between qualities, entities, or people. Use a more specific term if possible. (PSY) * Differential response to different stimuli. (MSH)
Drifting Very slow swimming passive sliding without fin use.
Eye movement
Generative memory activity A behavioral activity which when expressed entails the generation and use of stored memories (BB:2008-03-13).
Generative verbal activity
Individual body part movement
Inductive reasoning activity
Interpretive braille reading
Interpretive listening
Interpretive verbal activity
Interpretive vision based reading
Item recognition activity
Lateralized activity A behavioral activity expressing a behavioral function that is differentially supported across the two cerebrain hemispheres in the vertebrate brain (BB:2007-03-05).
Locomotor activity * Movement or the ability to move from one place or another. It can refer to humans, vertebrate or invertebrate animals, and microorganisms. (MSH) * Self-propelled movement of a cell or organism from one location to another. (ZFIN:dh) (GO)
Memory-driven activity A behavioral activity which when expressed entails the generation and/or use of stored memories (BB:2008-03-13).
Moral reasoning activity
Motor activity * Any form of exercise or movement. Physical activity may include planned activity such as walking, running, basketball, or other sports. Physical activity may also include other daily activities such as household chores, yard work, walking the dog, etc. (from NIDDK Glossary; (NCI) * State or quality of body actions in daily living. (OMS) * The physical activity of a human or an animal as a behavioral phenomenon. (MSH) motion
Play activity
Reasoning activity
Saccadic eye movement
Sliding Movement after the fish stopped swimming actively
Smoking The act of puffing and/or inhaling smoke from a lit cigarette, cigar, or pipe. (NCI) Tobacco smoking behavior
Smoking behavior
Swimming activity Movement of water based organism
Verbal activity A behavioral activity employing verbal function to either generate or interpreting meaningful spoken or writen words or symbols. If generating verbal output, a motor system is invoked. If interpreting verbal input, typically a sensory system is invoked, though certain interpretive activity involves movement of the sensory organ - e.g., eye movements during reading (BB:2007-03-05). * Includes both producing and responding to words, either written or spoken. (MSH) * both producing and responding to words, either written or spoken. (CSP)
Verbal speaking
Verbal writing


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