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Brodmann (1909) area 44

Name: Brodmann (1909) area 44
Synonym(s): Brodmann area 44, opercular, Area opercularis, area 44 of Brodmann-1909, Brodmann.44
Abbreviation: B09-44
Is part of: Broca's area
Has role: Response supression[1]
Super-category: Brodmann partition scheme region
*Id: birnlex_1776
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  1. Forstmann BU et al. (2008) Neural mechanisms, temporal dynamics, and individual differences in interference control. J Cogn Neurosci 20: 1854-65 PubMed
  • Abbreviation Source: SumsDB_abbrevSource


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Facts about Brodmann (1909) area 44RDF feed
AbbrevB09-44  +
AbbrevSourceSumsDB_abbrevSource  +
Created2 October 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
EditorialNoteThe lobular mapping of Brodmann areas has The lobular mapping of Brodmann areas has been adapted from the LOCATION hierarchy in To date (2007-10-02) this only define the set of lateralized cerebral lobe locations where a given Brodmann area is located. The intension is to eventually incorporate the more detailed gyri and sulci relations as well. detailed gyri and sulci relations as well.
Has roleResponse supression  +
Idbirnlex_1776  +
Is part ofBroca's area  +
LabelBrodmann (1909) area 44  +
ModifiedDate2 February 2015  +
SuperCategoryBrodmann partition scheme region  +
SynonymBrodmann area 44  +, opercular  +, Area opercularis  +, area 44 of Brodmann-1909  +, and Brodmann.44  +
UmlscuiC1272509  +