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Ventral cochlear nucleus

Name: Ventral cochlear nucleus
Synonym(s): anterior cochlear nucleus
Abbreviation: VCo, VC
Is part of: Cochlear nuclear complex
Super-category: Regional part of brain
Id: birnlex_2567
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Neuronames ID ( what's this?): 719

Neurons in Ventral cochlear nucleus

Cochlear nucleus (ventral) globular bushy cell, Cochlear nucleus (ventral) multipolar D cell, Cochlear nucleus (ventral) multipolar T cell, Cochlear nucleus (ventral) octopus cell, Cochlear nucleus (ventral) spherical bushy cell are neurons that can be found in Ventral cochlear nucleus or its parts.

Axons in Ventral cochlear nucleus

Cochlear nucleus (dorsal) vertical cell are neurons or parts of neurons whose axons can be found in Ventral cochlear nucleus or its parts.

Parts of Ventral cochlear nucleus

Inferred outgoing projections for Ventral cochlear nucleus

The following brain regions receive axons from Ventral cochlear nucleus: Medial nucleus of trapezoid body, Medial superior olivary nucleus, Trapezoid body. The statements about these projections are not made on this page, but rather are made on the pages linked here.

  • This visualization was created by the Scalable Brain Atlas group and is based on the Rhesus Monkey - Paxinos et al. 2000



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