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Action potential

  • Acronym: AP

AltDefinition=Abrupt changes in the membrane potential that sweep along the CELL MEMBRANE of excitable cells in response to excitation stimuli. (XREF:D000200) XREF:D000200 ModelDB:3649


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AbbrevAP  +
AcronymAP  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefiningCitationModelDB:3645  +
DefinitionA large, brief, all-or-nothing, regenerati A large, brief, all-or-nothing, regenerative electrical potential, that propagates along the axon, muscle fiber, or some dendrites. Action potentials are usually generated at the axon hillock and propagate uni-directionally down the axon. Adapted from Nicholls, Martin and Wallace 3rd edition. Nicholls, Martin and Wallace 3rd edition.
EditorialNoteImage from squid giant axon, Huxley, 1959
ExampleImagePicture 4.png  +
IdPATO_0001463  +
LabelAction potential  +
ModifiedDate21 October 2013  +
SuperCategoryMembrane potential  +
SynonymFiring  +, Spike  +, and Axonal Action Potential  +