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Bos taurus

Name: Bos taurus
Synonym(s): Bos primigenius taurus, Bos bovis, domestic cattle, cow, domestic cow, bovine
Super-category: Bos
Id: birnlex_673
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  • NCBI Taxonomic Scientific Name: Bos taurus
  • NCBI Taxonomic ID: 9913
  • GBIF Taxonomic Key ID: 244543
  • GBIF ID: 13817704
  • Taxonomic Common Name: domestic cattle
  • Taxonomic Common Name: bovine
  • Taxonomic Common Name: domestic cow
  • Taxonomic Common Name: cow


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Facts about Bos taurusRDF feed
CommonNamedomestic cattle  +, bovine  +, domestic cow  +, and cow  +
Created14 October 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
CuratorMaryann Martone  +
EditorialNoteTechnically, as I have just learned, a cow is an adult female bovine who has given birth; a heifer is a female cow who has not given birth.
GbifID13817704  +
Idbirnlex_673  +
LabelBos taurus  +
ModifiedDate23 July 2012  +
SuperCategoryBos  +
SynonymBos primigenius taurus  +, Bos bovis  +, domestic cattle  +, cow  +, domestic cow  +, and bovine  +
TaxID9913  +
TaxKey244543  +
TaxNameBos taurus  +