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Cholinergic neuron

Name: Cholinergic neuron
Description: A neuron that uses Acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter
Super-category: Defined neuron class
*Id: nlx_neuron_nt_090802
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A list of all neurons that have been indicated as using the neurotransmitter " Acetylcholine".

  • This table is generated programmatically from the property "neurotransmitter" assigned to members of the Neuron class. To add to this list, go to the category page for the type of neuron you are interested in adding and add "Acetylcholine" to the "Has Neurotransmitter" field in the Petilla form.

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Id Neurotransmitter Synonym Definition Located in
Abducens nucleus motor neuron nlx_16848 Acetylcholine abducens nucleus motor cell
6th nerve motor neuron
VIth nerve motor neuron
Motor neuron whose cell soma lies within the abducens nucleus. Abducens nucleus
Accessory nucleus motor neuron nlx_83979 Acetylcholine spinal accessory nerve
acessory nucleus motor cell
11th nerve motor neuron
XIth nerve motor neuron
Motor neuron whose cell soma lies within the Acessory nucleus.
Antennal lobe (Honey bee) principal neuron nlx_151564 Acetylcholine Antennal lobe principal neuron Projection neuron of the honey bee, Apis mellifera,whose soma is located on the rind of the antennal lobe.The axons of uniglomerular projection neurons project to the mushroom body calyx and to the lateral horn in the protocerebral lobe.The axons of the multiglomerular projction neurons project to the protocebral lobe only. Antennal lobe rind
Antennal lobe (Manduca) principal neuron nlx_151688 Acetylcholine uniglomerular projection neuron
medial-antenno-protocerebral-tract projection neuron
inner-antennocerebral-tract projection neuron
uniglomerular principal neuron in the antennal lobe of the tobacco hornworm moth, in neuronal cell groups on the border of the antennal lobe, mainly medial and anterior cell groups. It likely uses acetylcholine as a transmitter. The axon projects to lateral protocerebrum with collaterals in the mushroom body. Antennal lobe
Aplysia buccal 15 nlx_152508 Acetylcholine Accessory radular closure (ARC) muscle motor neuron.
Aplysia buccal 4 nlx_152070 Acetylcholine Aplysia buccal 5 Sensory motor neuron of the buccal ganglia. Aplysia buccal ganglia
Basalis nucleus cholinergic neuron nlx_cell_20090203 Acetylcholine Cholinergic nucleus basalis cell
Nucleus basalis polyhedral neuron
Cholinergic nucleus basalis neuron
Large multipolar neuron (also described as polyhedral) found in the nucleus basalis of Meynert in the basal forebrain that uses acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter. Most of the dendrites are very long giving a thick network of secondary and tertiary dendritic branches in a radial three dimensional arrangement in the neuropil space. The secondary and tertiary dendritic branches are studded with long fusiform or triangular spines (Baloyannis, S. J., Costa, V., Psaroulis, V., Arzoglou, L. Papsotiriou (1994) The nucleus basalis of Meynert of the human brain: a Golgi and electron microscope study) Int J Neurosci., 78: 33-41. Bed nuclei of the stria terminalis oval nucleus
Ciliary ganglion cell sao1366775348 Acetylcholine Ciliary ganglion neuron Ciliary ganglion
Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus motor neuron nlx_38336 Acetylcholine Motor neuron whose cell soma lies within the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus, the principal parasympathetic nucleus of the brain. Dorsal motor nucleus of vagus nerve
Facial nucleus motor neuron nlx_50129 Acetylcholine facial nucleus motor cell
7th nerve motor neuron
VIIth nerve motor neuron
Motor neuron whose cell soma lies within the facial nucleus. Facial nucleus
Hypoglossal nucleus motor neuron nlx_cell_100311 Acetylcholine hypoglossal motor neuron
hypoglossal nucleus motoneuron
hypoglossal motoneuron
12th nerve motor neuron
XII nerve motor neuron
Motor neuron whose soma lies in the hypoglossal nucleus Hypoglossal nucleus
Mauthner cell nlx_151908 Acetylcholine M-cell Giant reticulospinal neuron found in brainstem of most teleosts Brainstem
Neostriatum cholinergic cell sao1866881837 Acetylcholine Giant cholinergic interneuron
Striatal cholinergic interneuron
large striatal aspiny neuron
cholinergic striatal neuron
Neostriatum cholinergic interneuron
Neostriatum giant cell of Kolliker
Neostriatal cholinergic interneuron
Aspiny type 1 neuron
Large cholinergic interneuron in the caudate nucleus and putamen, extensive axon collaterals terminate on striatal medium spiny neurons Striatum
Nucleus ambiguus motor neuron nlx_53276 Acetylcholine Motor neuron whose soma lies within the nucleus ambiguus and whose axons project through the glossopharyngeal or vagus nerve to innervate the striated muscules of the pharynx and larynx (Heimer, The human brain and spinal cord, 2nd ed, 1995, pg 258 and table 11-1, pg 266). Nucleus ambiguus
Spinal cord intermediate horn motor neuron sympathetic nifext_109 Acetylcholine Sympathetic motor neuron
preganglionic sympathetic neuron
Spinal cord
Spinal cord motor neuron parasympathetic nlx_38713 Acetylcholine Spinal cord parasympathetic motor neuron located in the sacral spinal cord Sacral spinal cord
Spinal cord ventral horn interneuron V0C nlx_cell_1006021 Acetylcholine V0c interneuron
spinal cord V0c interneuron
Spinal cord ventral horn V0 interneuron that expresses Pitx2 and use acetylcholine as a neurotransmitter Spinal cord
Spinal cord ventral horn motor neuron alpha sao1154704263 Acetylcholine
alpha motoneuron
lower motor neuron
alpha motor neuron
Large lower motor neuron of the brainstem and spinal cord. They innervate extrafusal muscle fibers of skeletal muscle and are directly responsible for initiating their contraction. Alpha motor neurons are distinct from gamma motor neurons, which innervate intrafusal muscle fibers of muscle spindles. Spinal cord ventral horn
Spinal cord ventral horn motor neuron beta nifext_106 Acetylcholine Beta motor neuron Spinal cord ventral horn
Spinal cord ventral horn motor neuron gamma sao1438006234 Acetylcholine fusimotor neuron
Gamma motor neuron
Motor neurons which activate the contractile regions of intrafusal muscle fibers, thus adjusting the sensitivity of the muscle spindles to stretch. Gamma motor neurons may be "static" or "dynamic" according to which aspect of responsiveness (or which fiber types) they regulate. The alpha and gamma motor neurons are often activated together (alpha gamma coactivation) which allows the spindles to contribute to the control of movement trajectories despite changes in muscle length (MSH). Spinal cord ventral horn
Taste bud type 2 cell nifext_99 ATP
Trigeminal nucleus motor neuron nlx_44081 Acetylcholine trigeminal nucleus motor cell
5th nerve motor neuron
Vth nerve motor neuron
Motor neuron whose cell soma lies within the Motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve Motor nucleus of trigeminal nerve
Zoidberg Neuron nlx_155547 GABA
Starburst Neuron
Starburst Amacrine Cell
n00b neuron
Zoidberg cell
The "Zoidberg Neuron" is a name for a recently mapped Starburst Amacrine Cell. The name was chosen via EyeWire, a neural mapping 'game', to any player who completed over 100 cubes. Prior to the competition, the specific neuron was known as the 'n00b neuron' by EyeWirers. However, the name was soon officially dubbed as the 'Zoidberg Neuron' during YouTube Geek Week. The name 'Zoidberg' is a reference to the Futurama character, Zoidberg.


Memartone, Mimam, Slarson


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