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Cholinergic system

Name: Cholinergic system
Description: any molecule, protein, cell, tissue or organ that is related to acetylcholine.
Synonym(s): Acetylcholine system, ACh system
Super-category: Molecular system
Id: nlx_anat_1005028
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Parts of Cholinergic system

This category will serve as the umbrella for all things related to acetylcholine, including neurons, brain regions, synthetic enzymes and receptors. This is not meant to be annotated to, rather it is an inferred class.



Facts about Cholinergic systemRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
Definitionany molecule, protein, cell, tissue or organ that is related to acetylcholine.
Idnlx_anat_1005028  +
LabelCholinergic system  +
ModifiedDate29 May 2010  +
SuperCategoryMolecular system  +
SynonymAcetylcholine system  +, and ACh system  +