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Connected spatiotemporal region

Name: Connected spatiotemporal region
Super-category: Spatiotemporal region
Id: ConnectedSpatiotemporalRegion
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Facts about Connected spatiotemporal regionRDF feed
CommentDefinition: A space time region (span:Spac Definition: A space time region (span:SpaceTimeRegion) that has temporal and spatial dimensions such that all points within the spatiotemporal region are mediately or immediately connected to all other points within the same space time region (span:SpaceTimeRegion)., Examples: the spatial and temporal location of an individual organism's life, the spatial and temporal location of the development of a fetus ral location of the development of a fetus
IdConnectedSpatiotemporalRegion  +
LabelConnected spatiotemporal region  +
ModifiedDate30 May 2009  +
SuperCategorySpatiotemporal region  +