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CommentDefinition: A realizable entity (snap:Real Definition: A realizable entity (snap:RealizableEntity) the manifestation of which is an essentially end-directed activity of a continuant (snap:Continuant) entity in virtue of that continuant (snap:Continuant) entity being a specific kind of entity in the kind or kinds of contexts that it is made for., Examples: the function of a birth canal to enable transport, the function of the heart in the body: to pump blood, to receive de-oxygenated and oxygenated blood, etc., the function of reproduction in the transmission of genetic material, the digestive function of the stomach to nutriate the body, the function of a hammer to drive in nails, the function of a computer program to compute mathematical equations, the function of an automobile to provide transportation, the function of a judge in a court of law the function of a judge in a court of law
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