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Hemispheric lobule VIII

Name: Hemispheric lobule VIII
Synonym(s): Lobulus Biventer, Paraflocculus Dorsalis, Biventral Lobule, Biventer 1 (HVIII)
Is part of: Posterior lobe of the cerebellum
Super-category: Regional Parts of the Hemisphere Lobules
*Id: nlx_anat_20081211
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Axons in Hemispheric lobule VIII

Cerebellar Afferents From The Pontine Reticulotegmental Nucleus, Cerebellar Pontocerebellar Projection, Cerebellar Primary Vestibular Afferents, Cerebellar Secondary Vestibular Afferents, Trigeminal Mossy Fibers are neurons or parts of neurons whose axons can be found in Hemispheric lobule VIII or its parts.

Parts of Hemispheric lobule VIII


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Facts about Hemispheric lobule VIIIRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.PONS brain region  +
Idnlx_anat_20081211  +
Is part ofPosterior lobe of the cerebellum  +
LabelHemispheric lobule VIII  +
ModifiedDate9 January 2014  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.PONS brain region  +
SuperCategoryRegional Parts of the Hemisphere Lobules  +
SynonymLobulus Biventer  +, Paraflocculus Dorsalis  +, Biventral Lobule  +, and Biventer 1 (HVIII)  +