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Hippocampus of PHT00

Name: Hippocampus of PHT00
Synonym(s): hippocampus
Abbreviation: Hip
Is part of: allocortex of PHT00
Super-category: Parcellation scheme parcel
URL: ISBN 0123582555
*Id: nlx_br_2
Organism: Macaque
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Overlaps : Hippocampus, subiculum, dentate gyrus, induseum griseum
Parcellation Scheme: Paxinos, Huang and Tog The Rhesus Monkey Brain In Stereotaxic Coordinates (1999)

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Facts about Hippocampus of PHT00RDF feed
AbbrevHip  +
AuthorsGeorge Paxinos  +, Xu-Feng Huang  +, and Arthur W. Toga  +
CurationStatuspending final vetting  +
CuratorCoCoMac  +
DefiningCitationISBN 0123582555  +
EditorialNoteLooking at the hierarchy in the scalable brain atlas, the hippocampus includes the subicular complex and the dentate gyrus. Neurolex considers this set of structures to compose the hippocampal formation
Idnlx_br_2  +
Is part ofAllocortex of PHT00  +
LabelHippocampus of PHT00  +
ModifiedDate31 January 2012  +
ParcellationSchemePHT00 parcellation scheme  +
PartiallyOverlapsWithHippocampus  +, Subiculum  +, Dentate gyrus  +, and Induseum griseum  +
PublicationDate2000  +
SpeciesMacaque  +
SuperCategoryParcellation scheme parcel  +
Synonymhippocampus  +
TitleThe Rhesus Monkey Brain in Stereotaxic Coordinates  +