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Is part of DefiningCitation ExampleImage
Resource:Arabidopsis Nucleolar Protein Database James Hutton Institute; Scotland; United Kingdom AtNoPDB Database.PNG
Resource:BRAID University of Pennsylvania; Pennsylvania; USA BRAID.PNG
Resource:BraInSitu: A homepage for molecular neuroanatomy National Institute for Basic Biology; Okazaki; Japan BraInSitu.PNG
Resource:Brain-Art Competition Resource:Neuro Bureau Brain-Art Competition.PNG
Resource:DermAtlas. Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Maryland; USA DermAtlas.PNG
Resource:DigiMorph University of Texas at Austin; Texas; USA DigiMorph.PNG
Resource:ECGpedia ECGpedia.PNG
Resource:Rickettsia Genome Database
Resource:Segmented ssTEM stack of neural tissue University of Zurich; Zurich; Switzerland Segmented ssTEM stack of neural tissue.PNG
Resource:Small Molecule Pathway Database University of Alberta; Alberta; Canada SMPDB.PNG
Resource:SpBase - Strongylocentrotus purpuratus: the Sea Urchin Genome Database California Institute of Technology; California; USA
Resource:Statistical Torsional Angles Potentials of NMR Refinement Database Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology; Daejeon; South Korea STAP of NMR Refinement Database.PNG
Resource:Stroke Patient Recovery Research Database (SPReD) Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery SPReD.PNG
Resource:Subcellular Location Image Finder Carnegie Mellon University; Pennsylvania; USA SLIF.PNG
Resource:UCSF Laboratory for Visual Neuroscience University of California at San Francisco; California; USA Laboratory for Visual Neuroscience.PNG
Resource:US Biomax US Biomax.PNG
Resource:WaNPRC Pathology and Tissue Program Resource:Washington National Primate Research Center WaNPRC Pathology & Tissue Program.PNG
Resource:WebMD WebMD.PNG
Resource:Werblin Lab University of California at Berkeley; California; USA Werblin Lab.PNG
Resource:WikiSurgery - The Free Surgical Encyclopedia Surgical Associates Ltd
Resource:YeastFunc University of Toronto; Ontario; Canada
Resource:emedicinehealth:experts for everyday emergencies Resource:WebMD Emh.PNG
Resource:flytrap University of Edinburgh; Scotland; United Kingdom Flytrap.PNG


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Facts about ImageRDF feed
Created5 October 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionA resource that provides a picture or likeness of somebody or something.
EditorialNoteThis is a proxy class to be replaced by its OBI equivalent, once there is an official release built off BFO v1.1 that can be successfully classified using Pellet v1.5.0 in Protege.
Idbirnlex_11005  +
KeywordsResource:CINERGI  +
LabelImage  +
ModifiedDate7 November 2014  +
SuperCategoryData or information resource  +