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Instrument manufacture

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Is part of DefiningCitation ExampleImage
Resource:ActiGraph Activity Monitor Devices ActiGraph
Resource:Advanced Platform Technology Center
Resource:Becton Dickinson and Company Becton Dickinson and Company
Resource:BioCurrents Research Center Resource:Marine Biological Laboratory
Resource:Biolog Inc. Bacterial Identification Microbial Identification Phenotype MicroArray Biolog Inc.
Resource:Center for Gamma Ray Imaging University of Arizona; Arizona; USA Center for Gamma-Ray Imaging.PNG
Resource:Channelrhodopsin-2 enables optical activation of neurons Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Massachusetts; USA
Resource:Chem Service, Inc.
Resource:MGH-USC Human Connectome Project Resource:Laboratory of Neuro Imaging
Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts; USA
Resource:NIH Human Connectome Project HCP.PNG
Resource:Magnetic particle system for transport of drugs or other substances into brain Weinberg Medical Physics LLC
Resource:National High Magnetic Field Laboratory Florida State University; Florida; USA
Resource:Neurogrid Stanford University; California; USA
Resource:Radiotracer Chemistry Instrumentation and Biological Imaging Brookhaven National Laboratories; New York; USA
Resource:Roche NimbleGen
Resource:SocioPatterns Institute for Scientific Interchange Foundation
CNRS - Centre de Physique Theorique SocioPatterns.PNG
Resource:Triangle BioSystems
Resource:UMAS University Hospital - Biobanks of the Department of Clinical Pathology and Cytology Resource:Swedish National Biobank Program Biobanks of the Department of Clinical Pathology and Cytology.PNG
Resource:Wheaton Industry Inc Wheaton Industries Inc.


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Facts about Instrument manufactureRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionA resource that provides the manufacture of a piece of hardware. An example is producing a made to order microarray chip.
Idnlx_res_20090426  +
LabelInstrument manufacture  +
ModifiedDate7 June 2012  +
SuperCategoryMaterial service resource  +
SynonymInstrument manufacture resource  +