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International standard specification

Name: International standard specification
Synonym(s): consortium standard specification
Super-category: Standard specification
*Id: birnlex_2362
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Categories with role International standard specification

Resource:ATCC, Resource:Australian Antarctic Data Centre, Resource:BBMRI Wiki, Resource:BioBricks Foundation,, Resource:BioSharing, Resource:CREATE, Resource:Chicken Gene Nomenclature Consortium, Resource:Creatinine Standardization Program, Resource:Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens, Resource:DELSA, Resource:DOI, Resource:DataCite, Resource:EBiSC, Resource:Enzyme Nomenclature, Resource:Federation of International Mouse Resources, Resource:FundRef, Resource:GO, Resource:Genomic Standards Consortium, Resource:HGNC, Resource:Health Level Seven International, Resource:Human Variome Project, Resource:IARC Recommendations and Protocols for Biobanking, Resource:ICMJE, Resource:ICZN, Resource:IMGT/GENE-DB, Resource:IMPACT: International Mission for Prognosis and Analysis of Clinical Trials in TBI, Resource:ISCA Consortium, Resource:ISO, Resource:ISRCTN Register, Resource:IUPAC, Resource:IUPAC CPEP Subcommittee on Electronic Data Standards, Resource:IUPHAR, Resource:IUPHAR Database, Resource:Impress, Resource:International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility, Resource:International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories, Resource:NC-IUBMB, Resource:NC-IUPAC, Resource:NC-IUPHAR, Resource:NCI Thesaurus, Resource:NIDAG: Neuroimaging Data Access Group, Resource:ORCID - Open Researcher and Contributor ID, Resource:OSUCCC-James, Resource:Open Biobank, Resource:Systems Biology Graphical Notation, Resource:Unified Medical Language System, Resource:elements of morphology have the role International standard specification

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Is part of DefiningCitation ExampleImage
Resource:Australian Antarctic Data Centre Australian Government
(Department of Sustainability Environment Water Population and Communities) AADC.PNG
Resource:BBMRI Wiki Resource:BBMRI - Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure BBMRI Wiki.PNG
Resource:BioBricks Foundation Resource:European Molecular Biology Laboratory; Heidelberg; Germany
Resource:BioSharing University of Oxford; Oxford; United Kingdom BioSharing.PNG
Resource:CREATE Resource:European Bioinformatics Institute CREATE.PNG
Resource:Chicken Gene Nomenclature Consortium Mississippi State University; Mississippi; USA
Resource:Creatinine Standardization Program Resource:National Kidney Disease Education Program Creatinine Standardization.PNG
Resource:Critical Path to TB Drug Regimens Critical Path Institute; Arizona; USA CPTB.PNG
Resource:DOI International DOI Foundation
Resource:DataCite German National Library of Science and Technology DataCite.PNG
Resource:EBiSC Resource:Pfizer
Resource:Roslin Cells EBiSC.PNG
Resource:Enzyme Nomenclature Queen Mary University of London; London; United Kingdom Enzyme Nomenclature.PNG
Resource:Federation of International Mouse Resources Resource:MGI FIMRe.PNG
Resource:FundRef Resource:CrossRef FundRef.PNG
Resource:GO Gene Ontology Consortium Go.png
Resource:Genomic Standards Consortium GSC.PNG
Resource:HGNC Resource:European Bioinformatics Institute HGNC.PNG
Resource:Health Level Seven International HL7.PNG
Resource:Human Variome Project Genomic Disorders Research Center
Resource:IARC Recommendations and Protocols for Biobanking Resource:International Agency for Research on Cancer IARC Working Group Reports.PNG
Resource:IMGT/GENE-DB Resource:IMGT - the international ImMunoGeneTics information system IMGT GENE-DB.PNG
Resource:IMPACT: International Mission for Prognosis and Analysis of Clinical Trials in TBI Antwerp University Hospital; Antwerp; Belgium IMPACT.PNG
Resource:ISCA Consortium ISCA Consortium.PNG
Resource:ISRCTN Register Resource:Current Controlled Trials ISRCTN Register.PNG
Resource:IUPAC CPEP Subcommittee on Electronic Data Standards Resource:IUPAC IUPAC CPEP SEDS.PNG
Resource:IUPHAR Database Resource:NC-IUPHAR
Resource:Impress Resource:IMPC IMPReSS.PNG
Resource:International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility Karolinska Institutet; Stockholm; Sweden
Royal Institute of Technology; Stockholm; Sweden INCF.PNG
Resource:International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories Resource:American Society for Investigative Pathology ISBER.PNG
Resource:NC-IUBMB Queen Mary University of London; London; United Kingdom IUBMB.PNG
Resource:NC-IUPAC Queen Mary University of London; London; United Kingdom
Resource:NC-IUPHAR Resource:IUPHAR
Resource:NCI Thesaurus National Cancer Institute NCIt.PNG
Resource:NIDAG: Neuroimaging Data Access Group NIDAG.PNG
Resource:ORCID - Open Researcher and Contributor ID ORCID.PNG
Resource:OSUCCC-James Ohio State University; Ohio; USA OSUCCC–James.PNG
Resource:Open Biobank Open Biobank.PNG
Resource:Systems Biology Graphical Notation SBGN.PNG
Resource:Unified Medical Language System National Library of Medicine UMLS.PNG
Resource:elements of morphology National Human Genome Research Institute Human Malformation Terminology.PNG


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Facts about International standard specificationRDF feed
Created11 October 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
Idbirnlex_2362  +
LabelInternational standard specification  +
ModifiedDate7 June 2012  +
SuperCategoryStandard specification  +
Synonymconsortium standard specification  +