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Intrinsic neuron

Name: Intrinsic neuron
Description: A neuron whose axonal projections do not leave the anatomical region in which its cell soma lies.
Synonym(s): local circuit neuron, interneuron
Super-category: Defined neuron class
*Id: nlx_cell_1003113
Alternate Id(s): BAMSC961
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  • This table is generated programmatically from the property "Role" assigned to members of the Neuron class. To add to this list, go to the category page for the type of neuron you are interested in adding and add "intrinsic neuron role" to the "Has role" field in the Petilla form.

This table is also available in {{#ask:Category:Intrinsic neuron role | ?label | ?id | ?neurotransmitter | ?synonym | ?definition | ?Located in | limit=1000 | format=csv


Memartone, Zaidaziz


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Facts about Intrinsic neuronRDF feed
CommentNote that the use of interneuron is not consistent between the invertebrate and vertebrate communities
  • xref: BAMSC961
CurationStatuspending final vetting  +
DefinitionA neuron whose axonal projections do not leave the anatomical region in which its cell soma lies.
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
Has roleIntrinsic neuron role  +
Idnlx_cell_1003113  +
LabelIntrinsic neuron  +
ModifiedDate30 July 2014  +
SuperCategoryDefined neuron class  +
Synonymlocal circuit neuron  +, and interneuron  +
XrefBAMSC961  +