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Lateral posterior nucleus

Name: Lateral posterior nucleus
Synonym(s): caudal part, lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus, posterior lateral nucleus of thalamus, nucleus lateralis posterior thalami, nucleus lateralis thalami posterior, nucleus dorso-caudalis, lateral posterior thalamic nucleus, lateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus, nucleus dorsocaudalis (Hassler), nucleus lateralis posterior, laterodorsal nucleus
Abbreviation: LP
Is part of: Lateral nuclear group
Super-category: Nucleus of CNS
Id: birnlex_835
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Neuronames ID ( what's this?): 310

  • BAMS ID: 93
  • Abbreviation Source: NeuroNames_abbrevSource


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Facts about Lateral posterior nucleusRDF feed
AbbrevLP  +
AbbrevSourceNeuroNames_abbrevSource  +
BamsID93  +
BamsLink  +
Created5 March 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.PONS brain region  +
Idbirnlex_835  +
Is part ofLateral nuclear group  +
LabelLateral posterior nucleus  +
ModifiedDate16 January 2014  +
NeuronamesLink  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.PONS brain region  +
SuperCategoryNucleus of CNS  +
Synonymcaudal part  +, lateral posterior nucleus of thalamus  +, posterior lateral nucleus of thalamus  +, nucleus lateralis posterior thalami  +, nucleus lateralis thalami posterior  +, nucleus dorso-caudalis  +, lateral posterior thalamic nucleus  +, lateral posterior nucleus of the thalamus  +, nucleus dorsocaudalis (Hassler)  +, nucleus lateralis posterior  +, and laterodorsal nucleus  +
UmlscuiC0228341  +