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Material resource

Name: Material resource
Description: A resource that provides access to physical materials like reagents, tissue samples, artifacts or organisms.
Synonym(s): Materials, Material, Research supplies, Research materials, Research material
Super-category: Resource Descriptor
*Id: nlx_res_20090104
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Categories with role Material resource

Resource:Allele Biotechnology, Resource:Ambion Inc., Resource:Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility, Resource:Becton Dickinson and Company, Resource:Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project, Resource:Binding Site, Resource:BioMEMS Resource Center, Resource:Canadian Microelectronics Corporation Microsystems, Resource:Center for Biomedical OCT Research, Resource:Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation, Resource:Exonhit Therapeutics, Resource:Frontier Scientific, Resource:Gene Bridges, Resource:Gene Logic Biorepository and Biobanking, Resource:GenoMiner, Resource:Globus Medical, Inc., Resource:Herzon Lab, Resource:Hospira, Resource:Imaging Probe Development Center (IPDC), Resource:Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geologic Samples, Resource:Inspiralis, Resource:Lamont-Doherty Core Repository, Resource:Life Extension, Resource:Life Technologies, Resource:Microsens, Resource:Mount Sinai Allograft Technologies, Resource:NIH Clinical Collection, Resource:NIH electronic Research Materials catalogue, Resource:National Lacustrine Core Facility, Resource:Neuroscience News: Neuroscience Lab Equipment, Resource:Novus Biologicals, Resource:Open Biosystems, Resource:Proteome Sciences, Resource:Resource Center for Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Technology, Resource:Rockland Immunochemicals, Resource:SOLVO Biotechnology, Resource:Sample of Science, Resource:Sartorius, Resource:Smithsonian Mineral Sciences Collections, Resource:Tucker-Davis Technologies, Resource:UNC Joint Vector Laboratories, Resource:United States Polar Rock Repository, Resource:University of Virginia Tissue Culture Facility, Resource:Wright Medical Technology, Inc., Resource:fMRI Joystick System have the role Material resource

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Is part of DefiningCitation ExampleImage
Resource:Allele Biotechnology Allele Biotech.PNG
Resource:Ambion Inc. Applied Biosystems
Resource:Antarctic Marine Geology Research Facility Florida State University; Florida; USA
Resource:Becton Dickinson and Company Becton Dickinson and Company
Resource:Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project University of California at Berkeley; California; USA BDGP.PNG
Resource:Binding Site
Resource:BioMEMS Resource Center Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Massachusetts; USA BMRC.PNG
Resource:Canadian Microelectronics Corporation Microsystems Canadian Microelectronics Corporation
Resource:Center for Biomedical OCT Research Massachusetts General Hospital; Massachusetts; USA
Harvard Medical School; Massachusetts; USA CBORT.PNG
Resource:Computer Integrated Systems for Microscopy and Manipulation University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; North Carolina; USA CISMM.PNG
Resource:Exonhit Therapeutics
Resource:Frontier Scientific
Resource:Gene Bridges
Resource:Gene Logic Biorepository and Biobanking Gene Logic Gene Logic.PNG
Resource:GenoMiner AstridBio
Resource:Globus Medical, Inc. Globus Medical.PNG
Resource:Herzon Lab Yale University; Connecticut; USA Herzon Laboratory.PNG
Resource:Imaging Probe Development Center (IPDC) NHLBI Division of Intramural Research IPDC.PNG
Resource:Index to Marine and Lacustrine Geologic Samples National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration File:Http:// mercator256x222.png
Resource:Lamont-Doherty Core Repository Columbia University; New York; USA LDCR.PNG
Resource:Life Extension Resource:Life Extension Foundation
Resource:Life Technologies Life Technologies.PNG
Resource:Mount Sinai Allograft Technologies Mount Sinai Hospital; Ontario; Canada Mount Sinai Allograft Technologies.PNG
Resource:NIH Clinical Collection BioFocus
Resource:NIH electronic Research Materials catalogue National Institutes of Health ERMa.PNG
Resource:National Lacustrine Core Facility University of Minnesota Twin Cities; Minnesota; USA
Resource:Neuroscience News: Neuroscience Lab Equipment Resource:Neuroscience News Neuroscience Lab Equipment.PNG
Resource:Novus Biologicals Novus Biologicals.PNG
Resource:Open Biosystems Open Biosystems.PNG
Resource:Proteome Sciences
Resource:Resource Center for Medical Ultrasonic Transducer Technology University of Southern California; California; USA UTRC.PNG
Resource:Rockland Immunochemicals
Resource:SOLVO Biotechnology
Resource:Sample of Science Sample of Science.PNG
Resource:Smithsonian Mineral Sciences Collections Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History Smithsonian Mineral Sciences Collections.PNG
Resource:Tucker-Davis Technologies TDT.PNG
Resource:UNC Joint Vector Laboratories University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; North Carolina; USA UNC Vector Core.PNG
Resource:United States Polar Rock Repository Ohio State University; Ohio; USA USPRR.PNG
Resource:University of Virginia Tissue Culture Facility University of Virginia School of Medicine; Virginia; USA UVa Tissue Culture Facility.PNG
Resource:Wright Medical Technology, Inc. Wright.PNG
Resource:fMRI Joystick System Nata Technologies


Aarnaud, Totsui


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Facts about Material resourceRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionA resource that provides access to physical materials like reagents, tissue samples, artifacts or organisms.
Idnlx_res_20090104  +
LabelMaterial resource  +
ModifiedDate31 July 2014  +
SuperCategoryResource Descriptor  +
SynonymMaterials  +, Material  +, Research supplies  +, Research materials  +, and Research material  +