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Medial amygdaloid nucleus

Name: Medial amygdaloid nucleus
Synonym(s): medial amygdalar nucleus, medial nucleus of amygdala
Abbreviation: MeA, Me
Is part of: Corticomedial nuclear complex
Id: birnlex_2701
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Neuronames ID ( what's this?): 223

  • This visualization was created by the Scalable Brain Atlas group and is based on the Rhesus Monkey - Paxinos et al. 2000



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Facts about Medial amygdaloid nucleusRDF feed
AbbrevMeA, Me  +
Created28 August 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
Idbirnlex_2701  +
Is part ofCorticomedial nuclear complex  +
LabelMedial amygdaloid nucleus  +
ModifiedDate16 February 2012  +
NeuronamesLink  +
Synonymmedial amygdalar nucleus  +, and medial nucleus of amygdala  +
UmlscuiC0175217  +