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Name: Mescaline
Description: A phenethylamine alkaloid that has formula C11H17NO3.
Synonym(s): 2-(3, 4, 5-trimethoxyphenyl)ethanamine, Meskalin, mescalina, mezcalina, C11H17NO3
Has role: Drug of abuse role, Hallucinogen, Drug
Super-category: Molecular entity
Id: CHEBI_28346
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Street names: buttons, cactus, mesc, peyote,


Aarnaud, Ayeliset, Bandrow, Mimam, Totsui

Facts about MescalineRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionA phenethylamine alkaloid that has formula C11H17NO3.
Has roleDrug of abuse role  +, Hallucinogen  +, and Drug  +
IdCHEBI_28346  +
LabelMescaline  +
ModifiedDate24 June 2010  +
SuperCategoryMolecular entity  +
Synonym2-(3  +, 4  +, 5-trimethoxyphenyl)ethanamine  +, Meskalin  +, mescalina  +, mezcalina  +, and C11H17NO3  +