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Mus spretus

Name: Mus spretus
Synonym(s): Mus musculus spretus
Super-category: Mus
Id: birnlex_7410
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  • NCBI Taxonomic Scientific Name: Mus spretus
  • NCBI Taxonomic ID: 10096
  • GBIF ID: 13804435
  • Taxonomic Common Name: Algerian mouse



Facts about Mus spretusRDF feed
CommonNameAlgerian mouse  +
Created23 April 2008  +
CurationStatusraw_import  +
EditorialNoteThis class is not intended to present a normative, comprehensive, taxonomic hierarchy, but rather is provided as an approximate indication of the phylogenetic relatedness amongst the taxonomic groups nested under it (BB).
GbifID13804435  +
Idbirnlex_7410  +
LabelMus spretus  +
ModifiedDate30 May 2009  +
SuperCategoryMus  +
SynonymMus musculus spretus  +
TaxID10096  +
TaxNameMus spretus  +
UmlscuiC0999677  +