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Neostriatum SOM/NOS cell

Name: Neostriatum SOM/NOS cell
Synonym(s): striatal SOM/NOS interneuron, SOM/NOS interneuron, neostriatum SOM/NOS interneuron, LTS cell, PLTS cell
Has role: Intrinsic neuron role
Super-category: Neuron
Id: nifext_144
Defining criteria: Biochemical
Organism: Vertebrata
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Soma Specific Properties

Cell Soma Shape: Oval
Cell Soma Size: Medium soma
Soma Location: Striatum

Dendrite Specific Properties

Spine density on dendrites: Smooth

Axon Specific Properties

Axon myelination: unmyelinated
Axon projection laterality: ipsilateral
Origin of axon: soma and sometimes dendrite
Location of local axon arborization: Striatum

Intrinsic Properties

Neurotransmitter released: GABA, Somatostatin, Neuropeptide Y
Molecular constituents: Somatostatin, nitric oxide synthase brain
Defining Criteria: Biochemical

  • ID: nifext_144
  • Synonym: somatostatin/nitric oxide synthase interneuron
  • Modified Date: 2007-09-05
  • Created Date: 2007-09-05


This page uses this default form:Petilla_neuron

Facts about Neostriatum SOM/NOS cellRDF feed
AxonMyelinationunmyelinated  +
AxonProjectionLateralityipsilateral  +
CellSomaShapeCategory:Oval   +
CellSomaSizeMedium soma  +
CellularSynapticTargetNeostriatum medium spiny neuron  +
Created5 September 2007  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefiningCriteriaBiochemical  +
EditorialNoteChanged "Neostriatum" in "location of axonal arborization" to Striatum
FiringPatternsbursting  +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
Has roleIntrinsic neuron role  +
Idnifext_144  +
LabelNeostriatum SOM/NOS cell  +
Located inStriatum  +
LocationOfLocalAxonArborizationStriatum  +
ModifiedDate4 June 2013  +, and 5 September 2007  +
MolecularConstituentsSomatostatin  +, and Nitric oxide synthase brain  +
NeurotransmitterGABA  +, Somatostatin  +, and Neuropeptide Y  +
OriginOfAxonsoma and sometimes dendrite  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
SpeciesVertebrata  +
SpineDensityOnDendritesSmooth  +
SpontaneousFiringPatternsRegular firing and bursting  +
SpontaneousFiringRatemedium firing  +
SuperCategoryNeuron  +
Synonymstriatal SOM/NOS interneuron  +, SOM/NOS interneuron  +, neostriatum SOM/NOS interneuron  +, LTS cell  +, PLTS cell  +, and somatostatin/nitric oxide synthase interneuron  +