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PHT00 parcellation scheme

Name: PHT00 parcellation scheme
Abbreviation: PHT00
Has role: Reference atlas
Super-category: Parcellation scheme
Id: nlx_res_1005001
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See this brain region in the INCF Scalable Brain AtlasgetThumbnail?cafDatasetName=sba_PHT00;structureName=PHT00&type=.png

See this brain region in 3D Brain Atlas Reconstructor

Parts of PHT00 parcellation scheme

Looks like the paperback came out in 1999; some publishers have it listed as 1998


Memartone, Slarson

Facts about PHT00 parcellation schemeRDF feed
AbbrevPHT00  +
AuthorsPaxinos  +, G.  +, Huang  +, X.-F. and Toga  +, and A.  +
CurationStatusuncurated  +
Has roleReference atlas  +
Idnlx_res_1005001  +
LabelPHT00 parcellation scheme  +
ModifiedDate6 August 2013  +
PublicationDate1999  +
SuperCategoryParcellation scheme  +
TitleThe Rhesus Monkey Brain In Stereotaxic Coordinates  +