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Primary motor cortex layer 6

Name: Primary motor cortex layer 6
Description: Lamina of primary motor cortex
Synonym(s): primary motor cortex lamina VI, primary motor cortex lamina 6, primary motor cortex layer VI
Is part of: Primary motor cortex, Neocortex layer 6
Super-category: Cell layer
Id: nlx_144264
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Dendrites in Primary motor cortex layer 6

Neocortex primary motor area pyramidal layer 5 corticopontine-tectal cell are neurons whose dendrites can be found in Primary motor cortex layer 6 or its parts.

Inferred outgoing projections for Primary motor cortex layer 6

The following brain regions receive axons from Primary motor cortex layer 6: Parafascicular nucleus. The statements about these projections are not made on this page, but rather are made on the pages linked here.


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Akurnikova, Memartone

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CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionLamina of primary motor cortex
Idnlx_144264  +
Is part ofPrimary motor cortex  +, and Neocortex layer 6  +
LabelPrimary motor cortex layer 6  +
ModifiedDate9 June 2013  +
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SuperCategoryCell layer  +
Synonymprimary motor cortex lamina VI  +, primary motor cortex lamina 6  +, and primary motor cortex layer VI  +