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Processual context


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Facts about Processual contextRDF feed
CommentExamples: The processual context for a giv Examples: The processual context for a given manipulation occurring as part of an experiment is made of processual entities which occur in parallel, are not necessarily all parts of the experiment themselves and may involve continuant (snap:Continuant) entities which are in the spatial vicinity of the participants in the experiment., Definition: An occurrent (span:Occurrent) consisting of a characteristic spatial shape inhering in some arrangement of other occurrent (span:Occurrent) entities. processual context (span:ProcessualContext) entities are characteristically entities at or in which other occurrent (span:Occurrent) entities can be located or occur., Comment: An instance of a processual context (span:ProcessualContext) is a mixture of processual entity (span:ProcessualEntity) which stand as surrounding environments for other processual entity (span:ProcessualEntity) entities. The class processual context (span:ProcessualContext) is the analogous among occurrent (span:Occurrent) entities to the class site (snap:Site) among continuant (snap:Continuant) entities. ong continuant (snap:Continuant) entities.
IdProcessualContext  +
LabelProcessual context  +
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