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Resource:Ask A Biologist

Name: Resource:Ask A Biologist
Description: warning.png"Ask a Biologist

is designed as an educational resource for students preK-12, and their teachers and parents. Anyone is welcome to use Ask A Biologist. Keep in mind that it is intended primarily to serve grades preK-12, and to be available as a resource for teachers and parents. They also find that life-long learners enjoy many of the content areas on their web site and encourage anyone interested in biology to make use of the web content. As always, ASU faculty and staff will be accessible through email to their students. Sponsors: Ask A Biologist funded in part by the National Science Foundation and NSDL.

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Other Name(s): Ask A Biologist
Parent Organization: Arizona State University; Arizona; USA
Resource Type(s): Topical portal, K-12 program resource
Resource: Resource
Id: nif-0000-37784
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