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Resource:Beta Cell Biology Consortium

Name: Resource:Beta Cell Biology Consortium
Description: Research databases, online information, communication, reagents and tools including antibodies, adenoviruses, functional genomics studies, mouse ES cell lines, mouse strains, and protocols that are available to the scientific community to advance understanding of pancreatic islet development and function. The consortium's long-term goal is to develop a cell-based therapy, or treatments leading to controlled beta-cell renewal, in order to restore normal insulin production to diabetic patients. Submissions are welcome.
  • BCBC Antibody Collection: Available to the international research community, the BCBC will produce and maintain a list of available antibodies, and will rate the usefulness of the antibodies requested within the consortium. Antibodies are available through an online catalog and order form posted on the website. Custom requests can be made.
  • The BCBC Adenovirus Collection is a repository of replication-deficient recombinant adenoviruses. Individual viruses may be ordered. Upon request, the user will receive an aliquot of viral stock that may be used for further amplification in HEK293 cells. HEK293 cells are available though the ATCC, or from the investigator's own institutional tissue culture core facility, if available.
  • Genomics Studies Collection: This collection holds studies that contain information about genes expressed in cells of the pancreas and their transcriptional regulation. Pancreatic genes were also identified by microarray analysis of pancreatic tissues.
  • The BCBC ESC Line Collection features the collection and dissemination of information on ESC Lines that are useful for beta cell and/or pancreatic development research. The goal is to promote the sharing of these cells in an effort to facilitate collaborations by sharing reagents such as these.
  • Mouse Collection: The BCBC Mouse Collection provides for the collection and sharing of annotated information on genetically modified mouse strains that are useful for beta cell and/or pancreatic development research.
  • The BCBC Miscellaneous Resource Collection provides for the collection and sharing of annotated information that is useful for beta cell and/or pancreatic development research.
  • Protocol Collection: The BCBC Protocol Collection is a resource for the aggregation and dissemination of protocols relevant to beta cell biology.
  • TRAFEX - TRAnscription Factor EXpression survey is a searchable database of gene expression data.
Abbreviation: BCBC,
Parent Organization: Vanderbilt University; Tennessee; USA
Supporting Agency: NIDDK
Grant: DK-01-014, DK-01-17, DK-01-18, DK-09-011
Resource Type(s): Database, Community building portal, Data repository, Biospecimen repository, Cell repository, Organism supplier, Experimental protocol, Antibody supplier
Resource: Resource
*Id: nlx_144143
Related condition/disease: Pancreatic islet development and function
Related application: Research
Related to: Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, US Biobank, Resource:NIF Data Federation, Resource:DKnet,
Availability: Public, The community can contribute to this resource
Address: The Beta Cell Biology Consortium, Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology, 2213, Garland Avenue, 9465 MRB IV, Nashville, TN 37232-0494 Telephone: 615.936.8327 Fax: 615.322.6645
Keywords: Pancreatic islet, Diabetes, Mouse, Beta cell, Pancreas, Pancreatic development, Embryonic stem cell, Cell line, Genomics, antibody, adenovirus, functional genomics, mouse Embryonic stem cell line, mouse strain, protocol, Embryonic stem cell line, data sharing, Data set, gene expression, gene
Organism: Mouse, Non-human animal
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Facts about Resource:Beta Cell Biology ConsortiumRDF feed
AbbrevBCBC  +
AddressThe Beta Cell Biology Consortium  +, Vanderbilt Center for Stem Cell Biology  +, 2213  +, Garland Avenue  +, 9465 MRB IV  +, Nashville  +, and TN 37232-0494 Telephone: 615.936.8327 Fax: 615.322.6645  +
AvailabilityPublic  +, and The community can contribute to this resource  +
CategoryType 2 diabetes  +, and Type 1 diabetes  +
CommentSample type: Cell line, Embryonic stem cel Sample type: Cell line, Embryonic stem cell line Access: open; Copyrights -
Reuse: closed; Copyrights -
Start date: 2002
Type: disciplinary
Deposit: restricted: registration
(info provided by
(info provided by
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefiningCitation  +
DefinitionThe mission of the Beta Cell Biology Conso The mission of the Beta Cell Biology Consortium is to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations to advance the understanding of pancreatic islet development and function, with the goal of developing innovative therapies to correct the loss of beta cell mass in diabetes, including cell reprogramming, regeneration and replacement. programming, regeneration and replacement.
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ExampleImageBCBC.PNG  +
GrantCategory:DK-01-014   +, Category:DK-01-17   +, Category:DK-01-18   +, and Category:DK-09-011   +
Has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Resource  +
Has roleDatabase  +, Community building portal  +, Data repository  +, Biospecimen repository  +, Cell repository  +, Organism supplier  +, Experimental protocol  +, and Antibody supplier  +
Idnlx_144143  +
Is part ofVanderbilt University; Tennessee; USA  +
KeywordsPancreatic islet  +, Diabetes  +, Mouse  +, Beta cell  +, Pancreas  +, Pancreatic development  +, Embryonic stem cell  +, Cell line  +, Genomics  +, Antibody  +, Adenovirus  +, Functional genomics  +, Mouse Embryonic stem cell line  +, Mouse strain  +, Protocol  +, Embryonic stem cell line  +, Data sharing  +, Data set  +, Gene expression  +, and Gene  +
LabelResource:Beta Cell Biology Consortium  +
ModifiedDate27 August 2014  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Resource  +
RelatedToResource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing  +, US Biobank  +, Resource:NIF Data Federation  +, Resource:dkNET  +, and  +
Related applicationResearch  +
Related diseasePancreatic islet development and function  +, Type 2 diabetes  +, and Type 1 diabetes  +
SpeciesMouse  +, and Non-human animal  +
SuperCategoryResource  +
Supporting AgencyNational Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases  +