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Resource:Genomic Metadata for Infectious Agenets

Name: Resource:Genomic Metadata for Infectious Agenets
Description: [[Definition::

Gemina is a web-based system designed to identify infectious pathogens and their representative genomic sequences through selection of associated epidemiology metadata. Gemina supports the development of DNA signature-based assays for the detection of pathogens or sets of pathogen through the Insignia Signature Pipeline at the University of Maryland.

Sponsors: This resource is supported by the US Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate. [W81XWH-05-2-005, NBCH2070002].
Other Name(s): Gemina
Parent Organization: University of Maryland, Baltimore; USA
Resource Type(s): web accessible database
Resource: Resource
*Id: nif-0000-24989
Keywords: dsdna, environmental source, fungal, fungus, agent, anatomy, assay, bacteria, biome, cellular, disease, dna, host, infectious, magnoliophyta, metadata, metazoa, organism, pathogen, plant, reservoir, ssrna, symptom, toxin, transmission method, viridiplantae, virus
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Curation status: Curated

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DefiningCitation  +
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Has roleDatabase  +
Idnif-0000-24989  +
Is part ofUniversity of Maryland; Maryland; USA  +
KeywordsDsdna  +, Environmental source  +, Fungal  +, Fungus  +, Agent  +, Anatomy  +, Assay  +, Bacteria  +, Biome  +, Cellular  +, Disease  +, Dna  +, Host  +, Infectious  +, Magnoliophyta  +, Metadata  +, Metazoa  +, Organism  +, Pathogen  +, Plant  +, Reservoir  +, Ssrna  +, Symptom  +, Toxin  +, Transmission method  +, Viridiplantae  +, and Virus  +
LabelResource:Genomic Metadata for Infectious Agenets  +
ModifiedDate2 February 2015  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Resource  +
SuperCategoryResource  +
SynonymGemina  +