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Resource:The Nervous System in Action

Name: Resource:The Nervous System in Action
Description: "The Nervous System In Action" by Michael D. Mann, Ph.D. is a textbook on nervous system physiology. Available here is the web accessible version of of this textbook.

An Adobe Acrobat (PDF) version is also supplied for better printing. You will need Acrobat Reader to see and print it.

The textbook consists of the following:
Preface (1)
Neurophysiology, An Overview (2)
Human Behavior (3)
1. Diffusion and Transport (4)
2. Control Systems and Homeostasis (5)
3a. Properties of Excitable Membranes: The Membrane Potential (6)
3b. Properties of Excitable Membranes: The Spike (7)
4a. Receptor Properties: Receptor Potentials and Coding (8)
4b. Sensory Receptors II (9)
5. Somesthesia--Peripheral Mechanisms (0)
6. Somesthesia--Central Mechanisms (a)
7. Vision (b)
8. Audition (c)
9. The Vestibular System (d)
10.Gustatory and Olfactory Senses (e)
11. Muscle Receptors (f)
12. Peripheral Nerves (g)
13. Synapses (h)
14. Muscle Contraction (i)
15. Reflexes (j)
16. Initiation and Control of Movement (k)
17. Activities Involving the Cerebral Hemispheres (l)
18. The Clinical Implications of Neurophysiological Concepts (m)
19. Learning and Memory
Appendix: Common abbreviations (n)
Glossary (o)

Index (p)
Abbreviation: Nervous System in Action
Parent Organization: University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Medicine; Nebraska; USA
Resource Type(s): Book
Resource: Resource
Id: nlx_143992
Related to: Human
Keywords: neurophysiology, textbook, freely accessible textbook, Nervous system
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