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Retina type (a) narrow-field unistratified amacrine cell

Name: Retina type (a) narrow-field unistratified amacrine cell
Description: [[Definition::The type (a) narrow field unistratified cell has previously been described by Perry (1979), and was called a type IV [collator note: retinal ganglion] cell. This type of cell can be found with its cell soma in either the ganglion cell layer or the inner nuclear layer. Unlike the other types of amacrine cell this type is found with its cell soma in the ganglion cell layer than in the inner nuclear layer. The dimensions of these cells (mean soma size 10.1 micrometers and mean dendritic field size 219 micrometers, from Perry (1979)) are the same in both layers. Examples of this cell type are shown in figure 3, plate 1, and figure 11.]]
Synonym(s): type (a) narrow-field unistratified amacrine cell
Super-category: stratified amacrine cell
URL: Perry and Walker 1980
*Id: BAMSC1052
PMID: PMID 6158054
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Soma Location: Retina, inner nuclear layer


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Facts about Retina type (a) narrow-field unistratified amacrine cellRDF feed
AuthorsPerry VH  +, and Walker M.  +
CuratorMihail Bota  +
DefiningCitationPerry and Walker 1980  +
IdBAMSC1052  +
JournalNumber1173  +
JournalVolume208  +
LabelRetina type (a) narrow-field unistratified amacrine cell  +
Located inRetina  +, and Inner nuclear layer  +
ModifiedDate27 March 2010  +
PMID6158054  +
Page has default formThis property is a special property in this wiki.Petilla neuron  +
PublicationDate1980  +
PublicationNameProc R Soc Lond B Biol Sci.  +
SuperCategorystratified amacrine cell  +
Synonymtype (a) narrow-field unistratified amacrine cell  +
TitleAmacrine cells  +, and displaced amacrine cells and interplexiform cells in the retina of the rat  +