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Semi structured knowledge

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Resource:AllerHunter: Cross-reactive Allergen Prediction Home National University of Singapore; Singapore
Resource:Ancient conserved untranslated sequences Claude Bernard University Lyon 1; Lyon; France
Resource:Annotated List of Online Continuing Medical Education (CME) Bernard Sklar
Resource:Anopheles gambiae (African malaria mosquito) genome view Resource:NCBI
Resource:Canadian Online CME Sites Bernard Sklar
Resource:Diseasome Resource:Gephi
Resource:Drug-Interactions Indiana University; Indiana; USA
Resource:Entrez GEO DataSets Resource:NCBI
Resource:Gait in Aging and Disease Database Resource:Physiobank
Resource:Mouse HapMap Imputation Genotype Resource
Resource:Neural Network Resources
Resource:Perlegen/NIEHS National Toxicology: Mouse Genome Resequencing Project
Resource:Philius University of Washington; Washington; USA
Resource:Ranking Tables of NIH Funding to US Medical Schools in 2010 Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research; North Carolina; USA
Resource:svmvia University of Washington; Washington; USA


Aarnaud, Memartone


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Facts about Semi structured knowledgeRDF feed
CurationStatusgraph position temporary  +
DefinitionA resource that provides data that is part A resource that provides data that is partially structured, e.g., an atlas, a data set. Semi-structured data refers to data that does not conform with the formal structure of data models associated with relational databases or other forms of data tables, but nonetheless contains tags or other markers to separate semantic elements and enforce hierarchies of records and fields within the data. Therefore, it is also known as schemaless or self-describing structure. s schemaless or self-describing structure.
EditorialNoteNot sure that this is a useful category for NIF. Needs review.
Idnlx_res_090918  +
LabelSemi structured knowledge  +
ModifiedDate13 February 2013  +
SuperCategoryData or information resource  +
SynonymSemi structured knowledge resource  +