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Serotonergic neuron

Name: Serotonergic neuron
Description: A neuron that uses Serotonin as a neurotransmitter
Super-category: Defined neuron class
*Id: nlx_neuron_nt_090807
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A list of all neurons that have been indicated as using the neurotransmitter " Serotonin".

  • This table is generated programmatically from the property "neurotransmitter" assigned to members of the Neuron class. To add to this list, go to the category page for the type of neuron you are interested in adding and add "Serotonin" to the "Has Neurotransmitter" field in the Petilla form.

This table is also available in CSV



Neurotransmitter Synonym Definition Located in
Aplysia cerebral ganglion metacerebral cell Serotonin Giant Serotonergic Neuron
Metacerebral cell
Largest Serotonergic Neuron in the anterior portion of the cerebral ganglion of Aplysia. This neuron has axons that project to the buccal ganglion. Cerebral ganglia
Hirudo Retzius cell Serotonin Retzius
R Cell
A large, serotonergic neuron located in the central packet of the segmental ganglion in the medicinal leech. Two of these cell are located in each segmental ganglia and are electrically coupled to each other. Segmental ganglion
Taste bud type 3 cell Serotonin
Tritonia dorsal swim interneuron Serotonin Cerebral Serotonergic Posterior Neuron
Dorsal swim interneuron
One of three serotonergic neurons on the dorsal surface of the Tritonia cerebral ganglion. Projects an axon contralaterally to the pedal ganglion. Fires stereotypical bursts of action potentials during a swim motor pattern. Cerebral ganglion




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Facts about Serotonergic neuronRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionA neuron that uses Serotonin as a neurotransmitter
Idnlx_neuron_nt_090807  +
LabelSerotonergic neuron  +
ModifiedDate4 February 2010  +
SuperCategoryDefined neuron class  +