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Software repository

Name: Software repository
Description: Web site that collects and stores source code or links to source code.
Super-category: Software resource
*Id: nlx_143901
Related to: Service resource
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Categories with role Software repository

Resource:BEAST, Resource:BioPerl, Resource:Bioinformatics Gent, Resource:Bioinformatics Toolkit, Resource:Bitbucket, Resource:Brain Machine Interface Platform, Resource:CRAN, Resource:CardioVascular Research Grid, Resource:Cerebellar Platform, Resource:Code Analysis Repository and Modelling for e-Neuroscience, Resource:Computational Biology and Functional Genomics Laboratory at Harvard, Resource:Cytoscape, Resource:Databrary, Resource:ExPASy, Resource:FSL extensions, Resource:Gene Ontology Tools, Resource:Gephi, Resource:GigaDB, Resource:GitHub, Resource:Google Code, Resource:Google Project Hosting, Resource:HTS Mappers, Resource:INCF Software Center, Resource:Internet Analysis Tools Registry, Resource:JIST Resources for Algorithm Development, Resource:LIBSVM, Resource:LONI Software, Resource:Landman NeuroImaging Tools, Resource:Launchpad, Resource:ModelDB, Resource:NITRC,, Resource:OpenTopography, Resource:PheKB, Resource:PhysioToolkit, Resource:REDCap, Resource:ResearchCompendia, Resource:SEQanswers Wiki, Resource:SimToolDB,, Resource:SoftBerry, Resource:UCL Bioinformatics Group, Resource:Visiome Platform, Resource:WordPress Plugin Directory, Resource:ZENODO, Resource:chronopolis, Resource:iTools, Resource:icy, Resource:neurodebian, Swiss EMBnet Node Server have the role Software repository


Aarnaud, Bandrow


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Facts about Software repositoryRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionWeb site that collects and stores source code or links to source code.
Idnlx_143901  +
LabelSoftware repository  +
ModifiedDate3 January 2012  +
RelatedToService resource  +
SuperCategorySoftware resource  +