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Spatiotemporal region


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Facts about Spatiotemporal regionRDF feed
CommentComment: An instance of the "span:Spatiote Comment: An instance of the "span:SpatiotemporalRegion" ("spatiotemporal_region") is a part of spacetime. All parts of spacetime are "span:SpatiotemporalRegion" ("spatiotemporal_region") entities and only "span:SpatiotemporalRegion" ("spatiotemporal_region") entities are parts of spacetime. In particular, neither "snap:SpatialRegion" ("spatial_region") entities nor "span:TemporalRegion" ("temporal_region") entities are in BFO parts of spacetime. Spacetime is the entire extent of the spatiotemporal universe, a designated individual, which is thus itself a "span:SpatiotemporalRegion" ("spatiotemporal_region"). Spacetime is among occurrents the analogous of space among "snap:Continuant" ("continuant") entities., Examples: the spatiotemporal region occupied by a human life, the spatiotemporal region occupied by the development of a cancer tumor, the spatiotemporal context occupied by a process of cellular meiosis, Comment: All instances of "span:Occurrent" ("occurrent") are spatiotemporal entities, that is, they enter in the relation of (spatiotemporal) location with "span:SpatiotemporalRegion" ("spatiotemporal_region") entities. As a particular case, the exact spatiotemporal location of a "span:SpatiotemporalRegion" ("spatiotemporal_region") is this region itself., Definition: A "span:Occurrent" ("occurrent") at or in which "span:ProcessualEntity" ("processual_entity") entities can be located., Comment: Spacetime and "span:SpatiotemporalRegion" ("spatiotemporal_region") entities are entities in their own rights which exist independently of any entities which can be located at them. This view of spacetime can be called "absolutist" or "the container view". In BFO, the class "span:ProcessualContext" ("processual_context") allows for a so-called relational view of spacetime, that is to say, a view according to which spatiotemporality is a matter of relative location between entities and not a matter of being tied to spacetime. In BFO, the bridge between these two views is secured through the fact that instances of "span:ProcessualContext" ("processual_context") are too spatiotemporal entities. context") are too spatiotemporal entities.
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