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Tissue bank

Name: Tissue bank
Description: A resource that provides tissue samples such as brain samples taken from persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
Synonym(s): Tissue repository, Tissue supply, Tissue supply resource
Super-category: Biomaterial supply resource
*Id: birnlex_2477_2
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Categories with role Tissue bank

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NEOB, Resource:New Life Generation, Inc., Resource:New York Brain Bank at Columbia University, Resource:New York Firefighters Skin Bank, Resource:New York Organ Donor Network - NYODN, Resource:New York University Specialty Tissue Banks, Resource:Nordic Genetic Resource Centre (Animals and Forestry), Resource:Nordic Genetic Resource Centre (Plants), Resource:Northwest Tissue Services, Resource:NuVasive, Inc. - Memphis, Resource:NuVasive, Inc. - San Diego, Resource:OECI - Tubafrost: The European Human Frozen Tissue Bank, Resource:Ochsner Tumor Tissue Bank, Resource:Ohio State Biorepository, Resource:Ohio State Leukemia Tissue Bank, Resource:Ohio Tissue Resource Network, Resource:One Mind Biospecimen Bank Listing, Resource:OneLegacy, Resource:Ontario Tumour Bank, Resource:Oregon Brain Bank, Resource:Organogenesis, Inc., Resource:Owl Monkey Breeding and Research Resource, Resource:PROCURE Quebec Prostate Cancer Biobank, Resource:PXE International Registry and BioBank, Resource:Partners HealthCare Biorepository, Resource:PathServe, Resource:Peromyscus Genetic Stock Center, Resource:Precision Allograft Solutions, Resource:PrecisionMed, Resource:ProMPT - 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SETA, Resource:Southern Alberta Organ and Tissue Donation Program, Resource:Southwest France Tumour Bank, Resource:Spanish National Tumour Bank Network, Resource:SpinalGraft Technologies, LLC, Resource:Squirrel Monkey Breeding and Research Resource, Resource:St. Gallen Lung Biopsy Biobank, Resource:Stanford Tissue Bank, Resource:Stem-Health Hellas Stem Cell Bank, Resource:StemCord Cord Blood Bank, Resource:StemCure Tissue Banking, Resource:StemLife Stem Cell Bank, Resource:Sunnybrook Tumour Bank, Resource:Surgical Biologics - a MiMedx Group Company, Resource:Susan G. Komen Tissue Bank, Resource:Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Resource:Swedish Regional Biobank, Resource:Swiss Biobank, Resource:TCG Life Sciences Biobank, Resource:Taburit Umbilical Cord Blood Bank, Resource:Taiwan Biobank (Chinese), Resource:Taizhou Biobank, Resource:Tata Memorial Hospital Tissue Bank, Resource:Tayside Tissue Bank, Resource:Telethon Genetic Biobank Network, Resource:Tennessee Donor Services, Resource:Texas Human Biologics, Resource:Tissue Banks International - TBI, Resource:Tissue Solutions, Resource:TissueNet, Resource:Tokyo Cord Blood Bank (Japanese), Resource:Transplant Services Center, Resource:Tumorbank Basel Foundation, Resource:Tumorbank Bern, Resource:Tumour Bank of Provence, Resource:UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center Tissue Procurement, Resource:UAB SPORE Breast Cancer Tissue Bank, Resource:UC Davis Alzheimers Disease Center - Resources, Resource:UC Davis Biorepository, Resource:UC San Diego Biorepository, Resource:UCL-RFH BioBank, Resource:UCL/UCLH Biobank for Studying Health and Disease, Resource:UCSF AIDS Specimen Bank, Resource:UCSF Brain Tumor Research Center Tissue Bank, Resource:UCSF Brain Tumor Tissue Bank, Resource:UK Multiple Sclerosis Tissue Bank, Resource:UK Parkinsons Disease Society Tissue Bank, Resource:UM Brain Endowment Bank, Resource:UMAS University Hospital - Biobanks of the Department of Clinical Pathology and Cytology, Resource:UMass Cancer Center Tissue and Tumor Bank, Resource:UNOS - United Network for Organ Sharing, Resource:US Biomax, Resource:University Andrology Laboratory, Resource:University of Chicago Human Tissue Resource Center Biospecimen Banking, Resource:University of Florida DNA and Tissue Bank, Resource:University of Florida Molecular Tissue Bank, Resource:University of Miami Biorepository, Resource:University of Miami Tissue Bank, Resource:University of Minnesota Tissue Procurement Facility, Resource:University of Rochester Program for Brain Tumors and Spinal Tumors, Resource:University of Texas Tumor Bank, Resource:University of Zurich SCRM - Cell-and Tissue Biobank, Resource:Upstate New York Transplant Services, Resource:VetBioBank, Resource:Victorian Cancer Care Biobank, Resource:WaNPRC Pathology and Tissue Program, Resource:Wake Forest Cynomolgus Breeding Colony, Resource:Wake Forest/UCLA Vervet Research Colony, Resource:Wales Cancer Bank, Resource:Washington Regional Transplant Community - WRTC, Resource:Washington University Tissue Bank, Resource:Wesley Research Institute Tissue Bank, Resource:Westmead Paediatric Tumour Bank, Resource:Windber Tissue Bank, Resource:Wisconsin Tissue Bank, Resource:World BioBank, Resource:Wright Medical Technology, Inc., Resource:WuXi AppTec Laboratory Services have the role Tissue bank

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Facts about Tissue bankRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionA resource that provides tissue samples such as brain samples taken from persons suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
Idbirnlex_2477_2  +
LabelTissue bank  +
ModifiedDate2 November 2011  +
SuperCategoryBiomaterial supply resource  +
SynonymTissue repository  +, Tissue supply  +, and Tissue supply resource  +