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Visual cortex

Name: Visual cortex
Description: A region of cortex that is involved in vision
Synonym(s): Visual area
Has role: Sensory cortex
Super-category: Functional part of brain
Id: oen_0001103
Related to: Visual system function, Visual system, Gross anatomical part of cerebral cortex
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Axons in Visual cortex

Neocortex primary visual layer 5 callosal cell, Thalamus geniculate nucleus (lateral) principal neuron are neurons or parts of neurons whose axons can be found in Visual cortex or its parts.

Inferred incoming projections for Visual cortex

The following brain regions send axons into Visual cortex: Claustrum. The statements about these projections are not made on this page, but rather are made on the pages linked here.

FMAID 242644 UBERON_0000411

Inferred class

A list of all cortical areas that have are typically considered to have a significant role in vision. This list is generated programmatically from the property Has role=Visual system function assigned to members of the Cortical parcel class. To add to this list, go to the category page for the type of neuron you are interested in adding and add "Visual system function" to the "Has role" field in the PONS form.

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Bandrow, Memartone

Facts about Visual cortexRDF feed
CurationStatusuncurated  +
DefinitionA region of cortex that is involved in vision
Has roleSensory cortex  +
Idoen_0001103  +
LabelVisual cortex  +
ModifiedDate27 March 2014  +
RelatedToVisual system function  +, Visual system  +, and Gross anatomical part of cerebral cortex  +
SuperCategoryFunctional part of brain  +
SynonymVisual area  +