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Name: Wiki
Description: A website that allows the easy creation and editing of any number of interlinked web pages via a web browser using a simplified markup language or a WYSIWYG text editor. (from Wikipedia)
Super-category: Narrative resource
*Id: nlx_res_090911
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Categories with role Wiki

Resource:959 Nematode Genomes, Resource:AcaWiki, Resource:Allen Institute Neurowiki, Resource:Ask Dr Wiki, Resource:BBMRI Wiki, Resource:BioPerl, Resource:BioWiki, Resource:Brede Wiki, Resource:CNS NeuroWIki, Resource:CTSpedia, Resource:Cal-IT2: Immersive Visualization Laboratory, Resource:Clinical Informatics Wiki, Resource:Comparison of web annotation systems, Resource:Concept Hub, Resource:ConceptWiki, Resource:Connectome Wiki, Resource:Daniel Mietchens demo wiki: What would scholarly communication look like if it were invented today?, Resource:Demystifying Depression, Resource:Diabetes Wiki, Resource:Diagnostic Radiology, Resource:ECGpedia, Resource:EcoliWiki, Resource:Emergency Medicine, Resource:Emergent, Resource:Evidence-Based Health Care Search Strategies, Resource:Evidence-Based Medicine Librarian, Resource:EyeWiki, Resource:FslAtlasIntegration, Resource:GBrowse, Resource:GONUTS, Resource:Ganfyd - Get A Note From Your Doctor, Resource:Gene Wiki, Resource:HLWIKI Canada, Resource:Handbook of Genetic Counseling, Resource:Health++, Resource:HealthGrid Wiki, Resource:Human Physiology, Resource:Immunology, Resource:Interactome Wiki, Resource:MIGHEALTHNET (Migrant Health), Resource:MINC/Atlases, Resource:MLA-HLS, Resource:McGill Global Health Resource Guide, Resource:Medical Imaging, Resource:Medpedia, Resource:MetaBase, Resource:Neuro-Cloud, Resource:NeuroLex, Resource:Neurodegeneration Research Wiki, Resource:Neurology and Neurosurgery, Resource:NeuronBank, Resource:Next Generation Sequencing WikiBook, Resource:Onco Wiki, Resource:Opasnet, Resource:Open Medicine Live Wiki,, Resource:OpenWetWare, Resource:Orthopaedic Surgery, Resource:Pathology Informatics Curriculum Wiki, - Online pathology resource, Resource:Pharmacology, Resource:Physiopedia, Resource:Proteopedia - Life in 3D, Resource:Psychology Wiki, Resource:Psychology Wiki: Neuroinformatics, Resource:Quality of Medical Data, Resource:Radiation Oncology,,, Resource:Rhetorical Document Structure Group HCLS IG W3C, Resource:SEQanswers Wiki, Resource:SNPedia, Resource:Support-of-PDF-annotations, Resource:Surgical Procedures, Resource:TGD, Resource:Toronto Public Library Health Information, Resource:UNSW Embryology, Resource:Urgencyclopedie, Resource:W3C Provenance Incubator Group Wiki, Resource:WardWiki, Resource:Web Platform Docs, Resource:Wellness Wiki, Resource:WikiDoc The Living Textbook of Medicine, Resource:WikiEcho, Resource:WikiHealth, Resource:WikiHealthCare, Resource:WikiMD - The free Medical Encyclopedia, Resource:WikiPathways, Resource:WikiPatient, Resource:WikiSurgery - The Free Surgical Encyclopedia, Resource:Wikibooks, Resource:Wikigenes,, Resource:Wikipedia, Resource:Wikispaces, Resource:Wikiversity School of Medicine, Resource:ZFIN Antibody Wiki, Resource:ZFIN Protocol Wiki, have the role Wiki

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Is part of DefiningCitation ExampleImage
Resource:959 Nematode Genomes
University of Edinburgh; Scotland; United Kingdom 959 Nematode Genomes.PNG
Resource:AcaWiki AcaWiki Inc.
Resource:Allen Institute Neurowiki Resource:Allen Institute for Brain Science
Vulcan Inc. Biological Linked Data Map.PNG
Resource:Ask Dr Wiki Open Access Medical Informatics Group Ask Dr Wiki.PNG
Resource:BBMRI Wiki Resource:BBMRI - Biobanking and Biomolecular Resources Research Infrastructure BBMRI Wiki.PNG
Resource:BioPerl Duke University; North Carolina; USA
Resource:European Bioinformatics Institute BioPerl.PNG
Resource:BioWiki Bioinformatics Organization
Resource:Brede Wiki Technical University of Denmark; Lyngby; Denmark Brede Wiki.PNG
Resource:CNS NeuroWIki Resource:Congress of Neurological Surgeons
Resource:CTSpedia University of California at San Francisco; California; USA
University of Rochester; New York; USA
University of California at Davis; California; USA
Vanderbilt University; Tennessee; USA CTSpedia.PNG
Resource:Cal-IT2: Immersive Visualization Laboratory University of California at San Diego; California; USA
Resource:Clinical Informatics Wiki
Resource:Comparison of web annotation systems Resource:Wikipedia
Resource:Concept Hub
Resource:ConceptWiki ConceptWiki.PNG
Resource:Connectome Wiki University of Zurich; Zurich; Switzerland
ETH Zurich; Zurich; Switzerland Cw.png
Resource:Daniel Mietchens demo wiki: What would scholarly communication look like if it were invented today? Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association
Resource:Demystifying Depression Resource:Wikibooks Demystifying Depression.PNG
Resource:Diabetes Wiki Wikia
Resource:Diagnostic Radiology Resource:Wikibooks Diagnostic Radiology.PNG
Resource:ECGpedia ECGpedia.PNG
Resource:EcoliWiki Resource:PortEco EcoliWiki.PNG
Resource:Emergency Medicine Resource:Wikibooks Emergency Medicine.PNG
Resource:Emergent University of Colorado Boulder; Colorado; USA Emergent.PNG
Resource:Evidence-Based Health Care Search Strategies Wetpaint
Resource:Evidence-Based Medicine Librarian Wetpaint
Resource:EyeWiki American Academy of Ophthalmology
Resource:FslAtlasIntegration Resource:Oxford Centre for Functional MRI of the Brain FslAtlasIntegration.PNG
Resource:GBrowse Resource:Generic Model Organism Database Project
Indiana University; Indiana; USA GBrowse.PNG
Resource:GONUTS Resource:EcoliHub GONUTS.PNG
Resource:Ganfyd - Get A Note From Your Doctor
Resource:Gene Wiki Resource:Wikipedia
Resource:HLWIKI Canada University of British Columbia; British Columbia; Canada
Resource:Handbook of Genetic Counseling Resource:Wikibooks Handbook of Genetic Counseling.PNG
Resource:HealthGrid Wiki
Resource:Human Physiology Resource:Wikibooks Human Physiology.PNG
Resource:Immunology Resource:Wikibooks Immunology.PNG
Resource:Interactome Wiki BioLicense
Resource:MIGHEALTHNET (Migrant Health) Queen Mary University of London; London; United Kingdom
Resource:MINC/Atlases Resource:Wikibooks MINC Atlases.PNG
Resource:MLA-HLS Medical Library Association
Resource:McGill Global Health Resource Guide McGill University; Montreal; Canada
Resource:Medical Imaging Wikia
Resource:Medpedia Medpedia Inc.
Resource:MetaBase Resource:Genome Research Foundation MB.PNG
Resource:Neuro-Cloud Neuro-Cloud.PNG
Resource:NeuroLex Resource:Neuroscience Information Framework
Resource:International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility NeuroLex.PNG
Resource:Neurodegeneration Research Wiki Medical Research Council Centre for Neurodegeneration Research
Resource:Neurology and Neurosurgery Wikibooks
Resource:NeuronBank Georgia State University; Georgia; USA NeuronBank.PNG
Resource:Next Generation Sequencing WikiBook Resource:Wikibooks
Resource:Onco Wiki
Resource:Opasnet National Institute for Health and Welfare; Helsinki; Finland Opasnet.PNG
Resource:Open Medicine Live Wiki Open Medicine Live.PNG
Resource:OpenWetWare Resource:BioBricks Foundation OWW.PNG
Resource:Orthopaedic Surgery Wikibooks
Resource:Pathology Informatics Curriculum Wiki Wikispaces - Online pathology resource
Resource:Pharmacology Wikibooks
Resource:Physiopedia Webducate
Resource:Proteopedia - Life in 3D Weizmann Institute of Science; Rehovot; Israel Proteopedia.PNG
Resource:Psychology Wiki Wikia
Resource:Psychology Wiki: Neuroinformatics Wikia
Resource:Quality of Medical Data Wikia
Resource:Radiation Oncology Wikibooks
Resource:Rhetorical Document Structure Group HCLS IG W3C HCLS IG W3C
Resource:SEQanswers Wiki Resource:SEQanswers
Resource:SNPedia SNPedia.PNG
Resource:Support-of-PDF-annotations Resource:GitHub How to express and exchange annotations.PNG
Resource:Surgical Procedures Resource:Wikibooks Surgical Procedures.PNG
Resource:TGD Bradley University; Illinois; USA TGD.PNG
Resource:Toronto Public Library Health Information Toronto Public Library
Resource:UNSW Embryology University of New South Wales; New South Wales; Australia UNSW Embryology.PNG
Resource:W3C Provenance Incubator Group Wiki W3C
University of Southern California; California; USA W3C Provenance Incubator Group Wiki.PNG
Resource:Web Platform Docs W3C Web Platform Docs.PNG
Resource:Wellness Wiki Wikispaces
Resource:WikiDoc The Living Textbook of Medicine
Resource:WikiEcho European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging WikiEcho.PNG
Resource:WikiHealthCare Resource:Joint Commission
Resource:WikiMD - The free Medical Encyclopedia
Resource:WikiPathways University of California at San Francisco; California; USA
Maastricht University; Maastricht; Netherlands WikiPathways.PNG
Resource:WikiPatient Resource:WikiDoc The Living Textbook of Medicine
Resource:WikiSurgery - The Free Surgical Encyclopedia Surgical Associates Ltd
Resource:Wikibooks Resource:Wikipedia Wikibooks.PNG
Resource:Wikigenes Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Massachusetts; USA WikiGenes.PNG Nephron Information Center
Resource:Wikipedia Wikipedia.PNG
Resource:Wikispaces Tangient LLC Wikispaces.PNG
Resource:Wikiversity School of Medicine Wikiversity
Resource:ZFIN Antibody Wiki Resource:ZFIN
Resource:ZFIN Protocol Wiki Resource:ZFIN


Aarnaud, Bandrow, Totsui


*Note: Neurolex imports many terms and their ids from existing community ontologies, e.g., the Gene Ontology. Neurolex, however, is a dynamic site and any content beyond the identifier should not be presumed to reflect the content or views of the source ontology. Users should consult with the authoritative source for each ontology for current information.

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