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Have you truly noticed of a problems called blue waffles illness? This is actually the 1st time you have heard about such a disease and are you able to even take it really as soon as it is known as following breakfast item with a cool color. In actuality, this is a critical illness between women in their lady parts. Put differently, blue waffle illness is a sexually transmitted illness. The term blue waffles are actually the color the vagina will take when the disease has been left untreated for any lengthy time. But just before you ladies go into the bathroom and begin recounting just what your nether areas has done lately, allow us first speak what this blue waffles disease is. The term blue waffles are slang for what appears to the vaginitis. In simple terms, vaginitis is the inflammation of the vaginal area. For most women, any form of problems in their lady areas are always awkward and are a social stigma in itself simply because it defines the female as promiscuous. What are the symptoms of blue waffles disease? The symptoms would depend on what type of vaginitis has afflicted the woman but the most common will be burning feel on the vaginal area, irritation and puffiness of the area, vaginal discoloration but not necessarily blue at first but redness, waffle-looking skin sore on the genitals and also deep itching and dryness of the skin of the vagina. As revealed earlier, the term blue waffle illness isn't a proper medical term but a slang term used in the streets that can equated to the male’s blue balls. But in terms of medical dilemma, the blue discoloration of the vagina is caused severe bruising and tissue damage due to the disease. But before any of these can happen, the woman should seek immediate medical treatment because STDs can lead to many other issues and even death. Treatment would range from oral antibiotics and anti fungal creams. However, just like any disease, prevention is always better than cure. 1 can avoid this thus called blue waffles disease by after a right hygiene regimen. Douching is not suggested as it can do more harm than good because it will upset the pH balance of the vagina. Consuming good-bacteria like those found in yogurt and probiotic drinks can reduce the risk of developing the illness.

blue waffle disease  or whatever its true healthcare equivalent is still an alarming disease condition for any woman. And don't think that this illness won't affect men because it will since it can be transferred to a man’s part through sexual contact. Thus in order to avoid this, one should do good personal hygiene and be considerate when it comes to sexual activity.



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