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Core facility

Name: Core facility
Description: A centralized or shared resource that provides services including access to instruments in support of members of an organization.
Synonym(s): facility core
Super-category: Access service resource
*Id: nlx_293
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Categories with role Core facility

Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Resource:3Scan, Resource:AAA Service Laboratory, Resource:ACGT Inc., Resource:ACRObiosystems, Resource:AKESOgen Inc., Resource:AM Biotechnologies, Resource:ANFF Bio Fabrication, Resource:ANFF Characterisation, Resource:ANFF Materials Synthesis and Macro Fabrication, Resource:ANFF Micro Nano and Semiconductor Patterning, Resource:ANFF Photonics, Resource:ANFF Specialist Device Fabrication, Resource:ANU Centre for Advanced Microscopy, Resource:ARK-Genomics: Centre for Functional Genomics, Resource:ARQ Genetics, Resource:ASU CLAS Goldwater Environmental Laboratory, Resource:AZ Core Labs, Resource:Aaranya Biosciences, Resource:Abgent, Resource:Acellera, Resource:Advanced Analytical Testing Service, Resource:Advanced BioScience Laboratories, Resource:Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Resource:Advanced Peptides, Resource:Advanced Platform Technology Center, Resource:Aeirtec, Resource:Affina Biotechnologies, Resource:Agile DiscoveryPartners, Resource:Alamo Laboratories Inc, Resource:Aldevron, Resource:AltaBioscience, Resource:American Peptide Company, Resource:Applied Biosciences, Resource:Aptagen, Resource:Archaezyme Ltd., Resource:Argonne National Laboratory Labs and Facilities, Resource:Arista Solutions LLC, Resource:Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University: Weld Hill Growth Facilities, Resource:Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University: Weld Hill Microscopy Lab, Resource:Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University: Weld Hill Molecular Lab, Resource:ArtforScience, Resource:Australian Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Facility, Resource:Australian National Fabrication Facility Labs and Facilities, Resource:Australian Synchrotron, Resource:Axeq Technologies, Resource:BCM Analyte Center, Resource:BCM Circulating Tumor Cells Core Facility, Resource:BGSU Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Resource:BIDMC Berenson-Allen Center for Noninvasive Brain Stimulation, Resource:BIDMC Biomedical Research Informatics Core Laboratory, Resource:BIDMC CVVR Flow Cytometry Core, Resource:BIDMC Cardiac Physiology Core Laboratory, Resource:BIDMC Clinical Research Coordinator Core Laboratory, Resource:BIDMC Confocal Imaging Core, Resource:BIDMC DNA Sequencing Core, Resource:BIDMC Electron Microscopy Core, Resource:BIDMC Flow Cytometry Core, Resource:BIDMC Genomics Proteomics Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Center, Resource:BIDMC Genomics and Proteomics Center, Resource:BIDMC Histology Core, Resource:BIDMC Longwood Small Animal Imaging Core Facility, Resource:BIDMC Mass Spectrometry Core, Resource:BIDMC Multi-Gene Transcriptional Profiling Core, Resource:BIDMC Preclinical MRI Core Facility, Resource:BIDMC Preclinical Murine Pharmacogenetics Core, Resource:BIDMC Real-Time PCR Core, Resource:BIDMC Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Core, Resource:BIDMC Transgenic Core Facility, Resource:BIDMC X-ray Crystallography Core, Resource:BIDMC eData Collection Core, Resource:BIOTREND Chemicals LLC, Resource:BIOTREND Chemikalien GmbH, Resource:BWH Biostatistics Center, Resource:BWH Cell Culture and Microscopy Core, Resource:BWH Circulating Tumor Cell Core, Resource:BWH Confocal Microscopy Core Facility, Resource:BWH CytoGenomics, Resource:BWH DNA Sequencing Core, Resource:BWH Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory, Resource:BWH Partners Tissue and Blood Repository, Resource:BWH Research Imaging Core, Resource:BWH Sleep and EEG Core, Resource:BWH Specialty Assay Research Core Laboratory, Resource:BWH Specimen Bank, Resource:BWH Surgical Planning Laboratory, Resource:BWH Transgenic Core Facility, Resource:BWH-BRI Antibody Core Facility, Resource:Babraham Commercialisation Services Ltd, Resource:Babraham Institute Labs and Facilities, Resource:Babraham Technology Development Laboratory, Resource:Baker Mountain Research Corporation, Resource:Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry Labs and Facilities, Resource:Base Pair Biotechnologies, Resource:Bay Materials, Resource:Beckman Research Institute Chemical GMP Synthesis Facility, Resource:BestGene, Resource:Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Labs and Facilities, Resource:Bindley Bioscience Flow Cytometry and Cell Separation Facility, Resource:Bindley Bioscience Metabolite Profiling Facility, Resource:Bio Basic Inc, Resource:Bio-Synthesis, Resource:BioSciTech, Resource:BioSeek, Resource:Biogazelle, Resource:BioinfoTools, Resource:Biomatik, Resource:Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science Labs and Facilities, Resource:Boston University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Boston University Microarray Resource Core, Resource:Brains On-Line, Resource:Brigham and Womens Hospital Labs and Facilities, Resource:Broad Genetic Analysis Platform, Resource:Brown Genomics Core Facility, Resource:Brown Proteomics Shared Resource Facility, Resource:Brown University Labs and Facilities, Resource:CAU CCRTD-Cell Biology, Resource:CAU CCRTD-Histology Core, Resource:CAU CCRTD-Molecular Biology, Resource:CAU CCRTD-Proteomics, Resource:CAU CCRTD-Structural Biology, Resource:CAU Collaborative Center for Cancer Genomics and Bioinformatics Core, Resource:CCNY Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting, Resource:CCNY Microscopy Facility, Resource:CCNY RCMI Core Facility, Resource:CDU AXIS Biomedical Informatics function, Resource:CDU Cancer Research and Training Core Facility, Resource:CDU Exercise Physiology Laboratory, Resource:CDU Metabolic and Oxidative Stress Core Laboratory, Resource:CDU Morphometry and Stereology Laboratory, Resource:CDU Vivarium, Resource:CHB Advanced Fetal Care Center, Resource:CHB Cell Sorter Core, Resource:CHB Cellular Imaging Core, Resource:CHB Cellular Neuroscience Core Laboratory, Resource:CHB Computational Radiology Laboratory, Resource:CHB Computed Tomography Core Imaging Facilities, Resource:CHB Diagnostic Radiology Core, Resource:CHB Epithelial Cell Biology Core, Resource:CHB Gnotobiotic and Microbiology Core, Resource:CHB Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Resource:CHB Molecular Genetics Core Facility, Resource:CHB Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry Core, Resource:CHB Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, Resource:CHB Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry Laboratory, Resource:CHB Small Animal Imaging Core Laboratory, Resource:CHB Transgenic Core Laboratory, Resource:CHB Ultrasound, Resource:CHEM-X-INFINITY, Resource:CHOP Biostatistics and Data Management Core, Resource:CHOP CTRC Behavioral Neurosciences Core, Resource:CHOP CTRC Cardiovascular Imaging Core, Resource:CHOP CTRC Nutrition Core Nutrition Assessment, Resource:CHOP CTRC Ophthalmology Core, Resource:CHOP Clinical Trials Office, Resource:CHOP Flow Cytometry Core Laboratory, Resource:CHOP Human Embryonic stem cell/induced pluripotent stem cell Core, Resource:CHOP Nucleic Acid/Protein Core, Resource:CHOP Pathology Core Laboratories, Resource:CNP Vector Facility, Resource:CSIRO High Resolution Plant Phenomics Centre, Resource:CSISP Bioinformatics and Biostatistics, Resource:CSISP Next Generation Sequencing, Resource:CSU Channel Islands Labs and Facilities, Resource:CSU EcoCore Analytical Services, Resource:CSU Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility, Resource:CSUCI Alliance Protein Laboratories, Resource:CU Boulder Electron Microprobe Laboratory, Resource:CU Boulder Institute for Behavioral Genetics, Resource:CU Denver Advanced Histology Services, Resource:CU Denver High Throughput and High Content Screening Core Facility, Resource:CU Denver Transgenic and Gene Targeting Core, Resource:CU Denver iPSC Core, Resource:CWRU Athymic Animal and Xenograft Core Facility, Resource:CaresBio Laboratory, Resource:Case Western Reserve University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Cayman Chemical, Resource:Celplor, Resource:Center for Public Health Research Labs and Facilities, Resource:Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms, Resource:Centrillion Biosciences, Resource:Champalimaud Neuroscience Program Labs and Facilities, Resource:Childrens Hospital Boston Intellectual And Developmental Disabilities Research Center - Molecular Genetics Core, Resource:Childrens Hospital Informatics Program, Resource:Chiral Polyamines, Resource:Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute Labs and Facilities, Resource:Cleveland Clinic Molecular Biotechnology Core, Resource:Colorado State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Columbia Chemical Probe Synthesis Facility, Resource:Columbia Genome Center, Resource:Columbia Radiological Research Accelerator Facility, Resource:Columbia Transgenic Mouse Shared Resource, Resource:Columbia University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Columbia University Protein Core Facility, Resource:Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation Labs and Facilities, Resource:ContigExpress, Resource:Core Life Sciences, Resource:Cornell University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Creative Bioarray, Resource:Creative Biolabs, Resource:Cureline, Resource:Custom Biologics, Resource:Custom DNA Constructs, Resource:DDC Medical, Resource:DF/HCC Biostatistics Core Facility, Resource:DF/HCC Cancer Pharmacology Core, Resource:DF/HCC Cancer Proteomics Center, Resource:DF/HCC Cell Manipulation Core Facility, Resource:DF/HCC Community Practice Research Core, Resource:DF/HCC DNA Resource Core, Resource:DF/HCC Health Communication Core, Resource:DF/HCC High-Throughput Polymorphism Detection Core, Resource:DF/HCC Monoclonal Antibody Core, Resource:DF/HCC Pathology Specimen Locator, Resource:DF/HCC Rodent Histopathology Core Facility, Resource:DF/HCC Specialized Histopathology Services Core, Resource:DF/HCC Tissue Microarray and Imaging Core Facility, Resource:DF/HCC Tumor Imaging Metrics Core Facility, Resource:DFCI Animal Resources Facility, Resource:DFCI Biohazard Containment Core Facility, Resource:DFCI Biospecimen Repository Core, Resource:DFCI Blais Proteomics Center, Resource:DFCI Center for Cancer Computational Biology, Resource:DFCI Clinical Research Laboratory, Resource:DFCI Confocal and Light Microscopy Core Facility, Resource:DFCI Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Resource:DFCI Medical Arts Core Facility, Resource:DFCI Microarray Core Facility, Resource:DFCI Molecular Biology Core Facilities, Resource:DFCI Monoclonal Antibody Core Facility, Resource:DFCI RNA Interference Screening Facility, Resource:DFCI Shannon McCormack Advanced Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, Resource:DFCI Survey and Data Management Core, Resource:DIYgenomics, Resource:DKFZ Genomics and Proteomics Core Facility, Resource:DKP Genomics, Resource:DNASU Core Facility, Resource:DTU Multi-Assay Core, Resource:Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Labs and Facilities, Resource:Danforth Center Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Facility, Resource:Dao Laboratories, Resource:DartMouse - Speed Congenics, Resource:Dartmouth Bioinformatics Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth Biomedical NMR Research Center, Resource:Dartmouth Biostatistics Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth Cigarette Smoke Exposure Analysis Laboratory, Resource:Dartmouth Clinical Pharmacology Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth College Labs and Facilities, Resource:Dartmouth DartLab, Resource:Dartmouth Department of Physics: Apparatus Shop Core Laboratory, Resource:Dartmouth Electron Microscope Facility, Resource:Dartmouth Genomics Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth Genomics and Microarray Laboratory, Resource:Dartmouth Geospatial Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice: Data and Analytic Core, Resource:Dartmouth Media Research Lab Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth Molecular Biology Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth Multi-Photon Imaging, Resource:Dartmouth Optical Cellular Imaging, Resource:Dartmouth Pathology Translational Research, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY Clinical Research Unit, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY: Biomedical Informatics Core, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY: Bioregistry, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY: Biostatistics Consultation Core, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY: Clinical Trials Office, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY: Ethics Consultation Core, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY: Recruitment and Retention Core, Resource:Dartmouth SYNERGY: Research Design and Epidemiology Core, Resource:Dartmouth Science Division Electronics Shop, Resource:Dartmouth Shared Instruments Core Laboratory, Resource:Dartmouth Trace Element Analysis Core Laboratory, Resource:Dartmouth Transgenics and Genetic Constructs Shared Resource, Resource:Dartmouth Translational Research Animal Core, Resource:Data for Solutions, Resource:David H Murdock Research Institute, Resource:DiagnomX, Resource:Digital World Biology, Resource:Donald Danforth Plant Science Center Labs and Facilities, Resource:Douglas Brain Imaging Centre, Resource:Draconis Pharma SL, Resource:Duke Clinical Research Unit, Resource:Duke DNA Microarray Core Facility, Resource:Duke IGSP Genome Sequencing and Analysis Core, Resource:Duke Model System Genomics, Resource:Duke Neurotransgenic Laboratory, Resource:Duke University Labs and Facilities, Resource:EZ BioResearch, Resource:Eagle Genomics, Resource:EdgeBio, Resource:Emerald Bio, Resource:Emory University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Emory University Rodent Behavioral Core, Resource:Enzymatics, Resource:EpigenDx, Resource:Evans Analytical Group, Resource:Expert Glyco-Analytics Services by Procognia, Resource:Expression Analysis, Resource:FAMU Animal care facility, Resource:FAMU Drug Discovery Core Facility, Resource:FAMU Flow cytometry laboratory, Resource:FAMU Molecular biology research laboratory, Resource:FAMU Neurodegeneration laboratory, Resource:FAMU Proteomics Laboratory, Resource:Firefly BioWorks, Resource:Flow Contract Site Laboratory, Resource:Flow Paradigm, Resource:Forsyth Bioinformatics Core, Resource:Forsyth Biostatistics Core Facility, Resource:Forsyth Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Resource:Forsyth Human Microbe Identification Microarray Core, Resource:Forsyth Imaging Services Core Facility, Resource:Forsyth Micro Computed Tomography, Resource:Forsyth Mineralized Tissue Analysis Core Facility, Resource:Fountainbridge, Resource:Frontier Scientific Services, Resource:Functional Biosciences, Resource:GVK BIO Chemistry Group, Resource:GVK Biosciences Labs and Facilities, Resource:Gene By Gene, Resource:GeneChip Operating Software, Resource:GeneWake, Resource:Genetica DNA Laboratories, Resource:Genetik Ink, Resource:Georgetown Genomics and Epigenomics Shared Resource, Resource:Georgetown Histopathology and Tissue Shared Resource, Resource:Georgetown University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Georgia Genomics Facility, Resource:Georgia Institute of Technology Labs and Facilities, Resource:Georgia Tech Center for Organic Photonics and Electronics, Resource:Georgia Tech Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, Resource:German Cancer Research Center Labs and Facilities, Resource:Globus Online, Resource:Gnarus Systems, Resource:Golden Helix, Resource:HB Custom Media, Resource:HMS BADERC Flow Cytometry Core, Resource:HMS Biopolymers Facility, Resource:HMS Conventional Electron Microscopy Facility, Resource:HMS Drosophila RNAi Screening Center, Resource:HMS East Quad NMR Core Facility, Resource:HMS East Quad NMR Facility, Resource:HMS Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Resource:HMS Flow Cytometry Facility, Resource:HMS Genetically Modified NOD Mouse Core Facility, Resource:HMS Human Sample Procurement Core Facility, Resource:HMS ICCB-Longwood Screening Facility, Resource:HMS Image and Data Analysis Core, Resource:HMS Microbiology and Immunobiology Biological Chemistry Mass Spec Facility, Resource:HMS Microfluidics Core Facility, Resource:HMS Molecular Electron Microscopy Facility, Resource:HMS NERCE Biomolecule Production Core Laboratory, Resource:HMS NERCE Confocal Microscope Resource, Resource:HMS NERCE FACSCalibur Flow Cytometer Resource, Resource:HMS NERCE Live-cell Imaging Core, Resource:HMS NERCE Microbiology and Animal Resources Core, Resource:HMS Neurobiology Imaging Facility, Resource:HMS Nikon Imaging Center, Resource:HMS Research Imaging Solutions, Resource:HMS SBGrid Core, Resource:HMS Systems Biology Flow Cytometry Facility, Resource:HMS Systems Biology Quad Machine Shop, Resource:HMS Taplin Mass Spectrometry Core Facility, Resource:HMS West Quad Computing Group, Resource:HNDC Advanced Tissue Resource Center, Resource:HNDC Drug Discovery in Neurodegeneration, Resource:HNDC Enhanced NeuroImaging Core, Resource:HNDC NeuroBehavior Laboratory Core, Resource:HSCI Humanized Neonatal Mouse Center, Resource:HSCI and BIDMC Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Resource:HSDM Micro CT Core, Resource:HSPH Bioinformatics Core, Resource:HSPH Biological Analysis Service Facility, Resource:HSPH Biomedical Imaging Facility, Resource:HSPH Electron Microscopy Facility, Resource:HSPH Environmental Genomics Service Facility, Resource:HSPH Environmental Microbiology Lab, Resource:HSPH Environmental Statistics and Bioinformatics Core, Resource:HSPH Exposure and Environmental Analysis Service, Resource:HSPH Flow Cytometry Facility, Resource:HSPH Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Resource:HSPH Molecular Analysis Facility, Resource:HSPH NIEHS Center for Environmental Health Flow Cytometry Facility, Resource:HSPH Organic Chemistry Laboratory, Resource:HSPH Trace Metals Laboratory, Resource:HTL Biosolutions Inc., Resource:Harvard BADERC Metabolic Physiology Core, Resource:Harvard Bioinformatics Core at Joslin Diabetes Center, Resource:Harvard Biopolymers Facility, Resource:Harvard CHB Gnotobiotic and Microbiology Core, Resource:Harvard CNS Imaging and Analysis Facility, Resource:Harvard CNS NNIN/C Computational Facility, Resource:Harvard CNS Nanofabrication Facility, Resource:Harvard CNS Nanomaterial Facility, Resource:Harvard Center for Biological Imaging, Resource:Harvard Digestive Diseases Center Imaging Core, Resource:Harvard FAS Bauer Core Laboratory, Resource:Harvard FAS Bauer Core: Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics Core Laboratory, Resource:Harvard FAS Center for Brain Science - Electron Microscopy Core Facility, Resource:Harvard FAS Center for Brain Science - Imaging Core Facility, Resource:Harvard FAS Center for Brain Science - Neuroengineering Core Facility, Resource:Harvard FAS Center for Brain Science - Neuroimaging Core Facility, Resource:Harvard FAS Center for Crystallographic Studies, Resource:Harvard FAS Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, Resource:Harvard FAS Research Computing Core, Resource:Harvard FAS Small Molecule Mass Spectrometry Facility, Resource:Harvard Forsyth Center for Clinical and Translational Research, Resource:Harvard Gene Therapy Initiative Core, Resource:Harvard Genome Modification Facility Harvard University, Resource:Harvard HSCI iPS Cell Core Facility, Resource:Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center - Biomarker Study, Resource:Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center - Biostatistics Consultation, Resource:Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center - Cell-based Assays Core, Resource:Harvard NeuroDiscovery Center Labs and Facilities, Resource:Harvard PCMM Flow and Imaging Cytometry Resource, Resource:Harvard PCMM Optical Microscopy Core, Resource:Harvard PCPGM Bioinformatics Core Facility, Resource:Harvard PCPGM Biorepository for Medical Discovery, Resource:Harvard PCPGM Biosample Services Facility, Resource:Harvard PCPGM DNA Sequencing Facility, Resource:Harvard PCPGM Genotyping Facility, Resource:Harvard PCPGM Microarray Facility, Resource:Harvard Partners Research Computing Core, Resource:Harvard SERI Graphic Services Core, Resource:Harvard Tumor Imaging Metrics Core, Resource:Harvard University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Hospital for Special Surgery Labs and Facilities, Resource:Howard Biobehavioral Core Laboratory, Resource:Howard Biostatistics Core, Resource:Howard Flow Cytometry Core, Resource:Howard Imaging Core Facility: Molecular Imaging Laboratory, Resource:Howard Laboratory of Molecular Computations and Bioinformatics, Resource:Howard Molecular Genetics Core, Resource:Howard Nanoscale Science and Engineering Facility, Resource:Howard RCMI Proteomics Facility, Resource:HudsonAlpha Genomics Services Lab, Resource:Hunter Bio-Imaging Facility, Resource:Hunter Flow Cytometry Facility, Resource:Hunter Genomic Facility, Resource:Hunter NMR Spectroscopy Facility, Resource:Hunter Nanoscale Analytical Facility, Resource:Hunter X-ray Diffraction Facility, Resource:IBT Bioservices, Resource:ISU Macromolecular X-ray Crystallography Facility, Resource:ISU Molecular Research Core Facility, Resource:ISU SIPERG Stable Isotope Lab, Resource:IUSM Angiogenesis Endothelial and Pro-Angiogenic Cell Core, Resource:IUSM Physiological Proteomics Core Facility, Resource:IUSM Therapeutic Validation Core, Resource:Idaho State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Imperial College London Labs and Facilities, Resource:Imperial College London Nicholson Lab, Resource:In-Vivo Cellular and Molecular Imaging Center, Brussels, Resource:Independent Contractor - Computational and Mathematical Modeling, Resource:Indiana University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Indiana University School of Medicine Histology Core Facility, Resource:Indiana University School of Medicine Proteomics Core, Resource:Integrated Service Technology, Resource:Integrated Technology Enterprise Inc, Resource:Intrepid Bioinformatics, Resource:Iowa State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Irvine Scientific, Resource:JDC Advanced Microscopy Core, Resource:JDC Animal Physiology Core, Resource:JDC Computer Resource, Resource:JDC Flow Cytometry Core, Resource:JDC Genetics Core, Resource:JDC Genomics and PCR Core, Resource:JDC Media Core, Resource:JDC Proteomics Core, Resource:JDC Specialized Assay Core, Resource:JHU Deep Sequencing and Microarray Core, Resource:JSU Analytical Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU Animal Core Facility, Resource:JSU BSU-RCMI Biostatistics Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU Cellomics and Toxicogenomics Research Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology, Resource:JSU Computational Modeling Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU Electron Microscope Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU Environmental Toxicology Core Lab, Resource:JSU Molecular Magnetic Resonance Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU RCMI Translational Research Data Coordinating Center, Resource:JSU Remote Sensing Core Laboratory, Resource:JSU Visualization Laboratory, Resource:Jackson Heart Study, Resource:Jackson Laboratory, Resource:Johns Hopkins University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Joslin Diabetes Center Genomics Core, Resource:Joslin Diabetes Center Islet Isolation Core, Resource:K-INBRE Bioinformatics Core, Resource:KSF Labs, Resource:KSU AFM Imaging Group, Resource:KU Molecular Graphics and Modeling Laboratory, Resource:KU Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory, Resource:KU Protein Production Group, Resource:Kansas State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Kinexus Bioinformatics Corporation, Resource:LC Sciences, Resource:LCRC Adult Stem Cell Core, Resource:LCRC Biospecimen Core, Resource:LCRC Cell Analysis and Immunology Core Facility, Resource:LCRC Genomics Core Facility, Resource:LCRC Microarray Core, Resource:LCRC Morphology and Imaging Core, Resource:LCRC Proteomics Core Facility, Resource:LGC Genomics, Resource:LSU AgCenter Biotechnology Laboratory, Resource:LSU Cell Biology and Bioimaging Core, Resource:LSU Genomics Core Facility, Resource:LSU Pennington Biomedical Research Center Labs and Facilities, Resource:LabCrew Science Management, Resource:LaboSpace, Resource:Lamont-Doherty Core Repository, Resource:Laragen, Resource:Layton Aging and Alzheimers Disease Center Education Core, Resource:Layton Alzheimers Disease Center Biomarkers and Genetics Core Lab, Resource:Layton Alzheimers Disease Center Clinical Core, Resource:LifeTein, Resource:Lifewizz, Resource:Lonza, Resource:Lonza Viral Based Therapeutics, Resource:Louisiana State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:MEG(at)McGill, Resource:MGH Biostatistics Center, Resource:MGH CCIB Automation Core, Resource:MGH CCIB DNA Core, Resource:MGH CCIB DNA Sequencing Core, Resource:MGH CCIB DNA Synthesis Core, Resource:MGH CHGR Chromosome Substitution Strain Resource, Resource:MGH CHGR Clinical Genetic Research Facility, Resource:MGH CHGR DNA and Tissue Culture Resource, Resource:MGH CHGR Genotyping Resource, Resource:MGH Cell Tissue and Organ Resource Core, Resource:MGH Center for Morphometric Analysis, Resource:MGH Confocal Microscope Core, Resource:MGH Flow Cytometry Core, Resource:MGH Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Resource:MGH HSCI-CRM Flow Cytometry Core Facility, Resource:MGH High Resolution Peripheral Quantitative Computed Tomography Core Facility, Resource:MGH Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging Core Facility, Resource:MGH Microscopy Core, Resource:MGH Mouse Imaging Program, Resource:MGH Musculoskeletal Imaging Research Core, Resource:MGH NextGen Sequencing Core, Resource:MGH PET Core, Resource:MGH PMB Microscopy Core, Resource:MGH Psychiatric and Neurodevelopmental Genetics Unit Core Lab, Resource:MGH Ragon Institute Biostatistics Core, Resource:MGH Recombinant Protein Expression and Purification Core, Resource:MGH Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility, Resource:MGH Vector Development and Production Core Facility, Resource:MIA Cellavie, Resource:MOgene, Resource:MQ ARC Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems, Resource:MQ Animal Behaviour Laboratory, Resource:MQ Australian Proteome Analysis Facility, Resource:MQ BioFocus Research Centre, Resource:MQ OSL Laboratory, Resource:MQ Ramaciotti Centre for Gene Function Analysis, Resource:MQ Research Centre for Astronomy Astrophysics and Astrophotnics, Resource:MQ Research Centre in Quantum Science and Technology, Resource:MS Bioworks, Resource:MSKCC Organic Synthesis Core Facility, Resource:MSM Analytical Chemistry and Protein Profiling Core, Resource:MSM Biomedical Informatics Unit, Resource:MSM Center of Laboratory Animal Resources, Resource:MSM DNA Sequencing Laboratory, Resource:MSM Gene Variation Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU Animal Resource Center, Resource:MSU Bioinformatics Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU Comprehensive Phytopathogen Genomics Resource, Resource:MSU FACS Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU Functional Genomics Core Facility, Resource:MSU Imaging and Chemical Analysis Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU Large animal BSL-2, Resource:MSU Magnetic Resonance Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU Mass Spectrometry Facility, Resource:MSU Metabolomics Core Facility, Resource:MSU Microscopy Core Facility, Resource:MSU Paleohistology Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU Proteomics Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU RTSF Genomics Core, Resource:MSU Research Computing Group, Resource:MSU Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics Laboratory of Ion Beam Nanotechnologies, Resource:MSU Subzero Science and Engineering Research Core Facility, Resource:MSU Transmission Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory, Resource:MSU X-ray Crystallography Core Laboratory, Resource:Maccine, Resource:Macquarie University Automatic Weather Station, Resource:Macquarie University Biomolecular Frontiers Research Centre, Resource:Macquarie University Centre for Analytical Biotechnology, Resource:Macquarie University Fauna Park, Resource:Macquarie University Guided Wave Optics and Photonics Research group, Resource:Macquarie University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Macquarie University NMR Facility, Resource:Macquarie University Photonics Research Centre, Resource:Macquarie University Seawater Facility, Resource:Macquarie University Wireless Communications and Networking Laboratory, Resource:Marin Analytics, Resource:Massachusetts General Hospital Labs and Facilities, Resource:Mayo Clinic Bone Histomorphometry Lab, Resource:Mayo Clinic Gene Expression Core, Resource:Mayo Clinic Proteomics Core, Resource:McGill Cell Imaging and Analysis Network, Resource:McGill Experimental Therapeutics Program, Resource:McGill SPR Facility, Resource:McGill University Labs and Facilities, Resource:McLean Translational Imaging Laboratory, Resource:Medros, Resource:Meharry Endocrine core, Resource:Meharry Flow Cytometry and BSL3 Core, Resource:Meharry Human Tissue Acquistion and Pathology Core, Resource:Meharry Medical College Labs and Facilities, Resource:Meharry Microarray and Bioinformatics Core, Resource:Meharry Molecular Biology Core, Resource:Meharry Molecular Biology Core Facility, Resource:Meharry Morphology Core, Resource:Meharry Proteomics Core, Resource:Melior Discovery, Resource:Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center Labs and Facilities, Resource:Meridian Life Science Inc., Resource:Metabolic Solutions Inc., Resource:Miami University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Michigan State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Microbe Inotech Laboratories Inc., Resource:Microbiology and Quality Associates, Resource:Microtech Lab, Resource:Millis Scientific, Resource:MobileWorks, Resource:Moffitt Cancer Center Molecular Genomics Core Facility, Resource:Moffitt Cancer Center Proteomics Core Facility, Resource:Moffitt Cancer Center Small Animal Imaging Laboratory, Resource:Moffitt Cancer Center Tissue Core Facility, Resource:Molecule Inc., Resource:Monash University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Monash University Micromon, Resource:Monell Behavioral and Physiological Phenotyping Core, Resource:Monell Chemosensory Receptor Signaling Core, Resource:Monell Genotyping and DNA/RNA Analysis Core, Resource:Monell Histology and Cellular Localization Core, Resource:Montana State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Montclair Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Laboratory, Resource:NCSU Analytical Instrumentation Facility, Resource:NCSU Plant Transformation Laboratory, Resource:NDSU Center for Protease Research, Resource:NETZSCH Thermal Analysis Applications Laboratory, Resource:NEUROSERVICE, Resource:NYU Anti-Infectives Screening and Insectary Core Facilities, Resource:NYU Center for Health Informatics and Bioinformatics, Resource:NYU Genome Technology Center, Resource:NYU Histopathology Core, Resource:NYU Immunohistochemistry Core, Resource:NYU Rodent Behavior Core, Resource:NanoRacks, Resource:National Center for Genome Resources, Resource:National Lacustrine Core Facility, Resource:Nayam Innovations, Resource:Neuro-Zone, Resource:NeuroImage, Resource:NeuroSpin MEG, Resource:Neurophysiology Imaging Facility, Resource:Nevada Proteomics Center, Resource:New York University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Newcastle University Bioinformatics Support Unit, Resource:Newcastle University Labs and Facilities, Resource:North Carolina State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:North Dakota State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Northwestern University Keck Biophysics Facility, Resource:OHRI StemCore Laboratories, Resource:OHSU Advanced Computing Center Core Facility, Resource:OHSU Advanced Imaging Research Center, Resource:OHSU Advanced Light Microscopy Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Embryonic Stem Cell Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Bioanalytical Shared Resource/Pharmacokinetics Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Biochemical Genetics Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Biomedical Informatics Program, Resource:OHSU Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource, Resource:OHSU Clinical Cytogenetics Laboratory, Resource:OHSU DNA Sequence Analysis Shared Resource, Resource:OHSU DNA Services Core, Resource:OHSU Electron Microscropy Core, Resource:OHSU Electronics and Instrumentation Design Core Resource, Resource:OHSU Endocrine Technology Support Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Flow Cytometry Shared Resource, Resource:OHSU Gene Profiling Shared Resource Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Histopathology Shared Resource, Resource:OHSU Imaging and Morphology Support Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Immuno Electron Microscopy Core, Resource:OHSU Immunology Support Core Cellular Immunology Unit, Resource:OHSU Immunology Support Core Flow Cytometry Unit, Resource:OHSU In Vivo Optical Imaging Center, Resource:OHSU Investigator Support and Integration Services, Resource:OHSU Lipid-Atherosclerosis Laboratory, Resource:OHSU MRI Support Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Massively Parallel Sequencing Shared Resource, Resource:OHSU Methamphetamine Abuse Research Center Animal Core Component, Resource:OHSU Molecular Virology Support Core, Resource:OHSU Molecular and Cellular Biology Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Monoclonal Antibody Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Neuropathology Core, Resource:OHSU Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Core Facility, Resource:OHSU Proteomics Shared Resource Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Research Cytogenetics Core Laboratory, Resource:OHSU Transgenic Mouse Model Shared Resource, Resource:OHSU Transgenic Mouse Models, Resource:OSHU Gene Microarray Shared Resource, Resource:OSU Nucleic Acid Shared Resource, Resource:OSU Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytics Shared Resource, Resource:Ocimum Biosolutions, Resource:Ohio Peptide, Resource:Ohio State University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Ohio University Genomics Facility, Resource:Ohio University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Oligo Factory, Resource:Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network, Resource:Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute Bionutrition Unit, Resource:Oregon Clinical and Translational Research Institute Core Laboratory, Resource:Oregon Health and Science University Labs and Facilities, Resource:Oregon Stem Cell Center Monoclonal Antibody Core, Resource:OriGene, Resource:Otogenetics Corporation, Resource:Ottawa Hospital Research Institute Labs and Facilities, Resource:Oxford Central Proteomics Facility, Resource:Oxford Gene Technology, Resource:OyaGen, Resource:P212121, Resource:PHSA Centre for Translational and Applied Genomics, Resource:PNA Bio, Resource:Panavation, Resource:Parabase Genomics, Resource:Pathology Diagnostics, Resource:Penn Automated Claims and Medical Record Databases, Resource:Penn BioMechanics Core Facility, Resource:Penn Biological Chemistry Resource Center, Resource:Penn Cancer Histology Core, Resource:Penn Cell Center Services Facility, Resource:Penn Cell Center Stockroom, Resource:Penn Cell and Developmental Biology Microscopy Core, Resource:Penn Cell and Developmental Biology Zebrafish Core, Resource:Penn Chemistry NMR Facility, Resource:Penn Clinical Cell and Vaccine Production Facility, Resource:Penn Clinical Research Computing Unit, Resource:Penn Community Engagement and Research Core, Resource:Penn Community Outreach Using Health System Informatics Core, Resource:Penn DNA Sequencing Facility, Resource:Penn Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory, Resource:Penn Electron Microscopy Resource Laboratory, Resource:Penn Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Resource Laboratory, Resource:Penn Gene Targeting Service, Resource:Penn High-Throughput Sequencing Facility, Resource:Penn High-performance Computing, Resource:Penn Histology and Gene Expression Core, Resource:Penn Human Immunology Core, Resource:Penn Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell Core Facility, Resource:Penn Interventional Radiology Animal Catheter Lab, Resource:Penn 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Facility, Resource:UH Manoa SOEST Flow Cytometry Facility, Resource:UH Manoa Sequencing Facility, Resource:UHN Advanced Optical Microscopy Facility, Resource:UM Magnetic Resonance Facility, Resource:UM Miller School of Medicine Division of Comparative Pathology, Resource:UM Miller School of Medicine Farooq Laboratory of Macromolecular Biophysics … further results have the role Core facility


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Facts about Core facilityRDF feed
CurationStatusgraph position temporary  +
DefinitionA centralized or shared resource that provides services including access to instruments in support of members of an organization.
Idnlx_293  +
LabelCore facility  +
ModifiedDate1 August 2014  +
SuperCategoryAccess service resource  +
Synonymfacility core  +