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Soma Specific Properties

  • Cell soma shape (Fusiform, Granule, Horizontal, Multipolar, Oval, Pear-shaped, Pyramidal, Spherical, Mitral, other)
  • Cell soma size (Large soma, Medium soma, small soma)
  • Soma location (Autocomplete from brain regions)

Dendrite Specific Properties

  • Dendrite location (Autocomplete from brain regions)
  • Spine density on dendrites (Smooth, spiny low density, spiny high density)
  • Branching type (unipolar, bipolar, apical/basal, multipolar, stellate, other)

Axon Specific Properties

  • Axon myelination (myelinated, unmyelinated)
  • Axon projection laterality (ipsilateral, contralateral, bilateral)
  • Origin of axon (soma, soma and sometimes dendrite, dendrite, no axon)
  • Location of distant axon arborization (Autocomplete from brain regions)
  • Location of local axon arborization (Autocomplete from brain regions)

Intrinsic Properties

  • Neurotransmitter released (Autocomplete from molecules)
  • Neurotransmitter receptors (Autocomplete from molecules)
  • Molecular constituents (Autocomplete from molecules)